September Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair

As with every year, there are a few shows which give an indication of where the diamond and antique jewelry markets are going to be during the upcoming year. It is for this reason that, along with the Miami and Las Vegas antique shows, the Hong Kong Jewelry show holds particular importance – and this year’s edition sure didn't disappoint.


In these places, the important questions every savvy jeweler strives to find an answer to come in 3 kind: who came to the show? What did they purchase? And what are the supply and prices of diamonds and antique jewelry (specifically for us, the supply and price of antique engagement rings)?


This year, our sources told us that our friends from the Far East, specifically India and China, were very quiet. It does seem as if a relative economic hardship has hit Chinese and Indian markets to quite an extent. Similarly, buyers from Europe and the Middle East are still heavily affected by their respective recessions and obvious regional troubles, and were thus rather inactive as well. On the other hand, as usual American buyers were present in abundance. The problem there was quite different, in that they couldn’t seem to find the diamonds they wanted, mainly because of a lack of off sizes, near and very nearly colorless diamonds in SI1 to I1 quality.


How does this information affect the diamond and antique jewelry market? Prices of diamonds in the SI1 - I1 clarities in colorless and near colorless colors are holding strong, mostly due to the high demand and low supply of these diamonds. And while natural fancy colored diamonds prices are staying high as well, VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds are thankfully weakening. In regards to antique jewelry, specifically antique and vintage engagement rings, the high demand of pristine antique rings means that prices are very strong. However, there isn't any reason to think that these prices will stay quite as strong in the upcoming future.

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