Sourcing Diamonds and Consignment

To source or not to source, that is the question! A big controversy today is all about sourcing, and ethical diamonds. Obtaining diamonds and gemstones has never been a problem in the jewelry industry. Sourcing diamonds and gemstones is not an exact science. No one, or any group, can say with 100 percent certainty that all the diamonds and gemstones they are marketing, and selling, are 100 percent conflict free. While most sites, and stores, may have their heart in the right place, they can not say that all of the gemstones and diamonds they offer are ethical. does not source any diamonds or gemstones. Gemstones, and semiprecious gemstones, are almost impossible to track. In addition, they may have ethical questions. Our collection of antique diamonds (mine cuts, rose cuts and european cuts), gemstones, antique engagement rings, and vintage jewelry is always purchased from estates. Therefore, they are ethical. We don't sell any type of reproductions or "antique style" rings which use new diamonds or gemstones. Our collection of engagement rings include gemstones such as aquamarines, garnets, and opals from past eras such as the Victorian, Retro, Art Deco and Edwardian when there was war to finance, or any young children to force into labor.


Being second generation antique jewelers, with over 35 years in the antique jewelry industry, you can say we were born into the antique jewelry business. owns 100 percent of our collection of diamonds, antique diamonds, antique engagement rings, gemstones rings, and vintage jewelry. We never take any jewelry on consignment. You won't see our diamonds or jewelry on any other website, therefore you will save any middleman's cost. We don't sell synthetic CVD or HPHT diamonds, simply because we don't believe in them. We believe in master jewelers artistic workmanship from the great Art Deco and Mid Century eras. We travel the world curating the finest antique engagement rings, alternative engagement rings, and vintage jewelry for our customers to cherish for a lifetime. You can feel good about your purchase from Here are five stunning antique rings that are ethical and conflict free.

Victorian Engagement Rings

This beautiful, and ethical, Victorian engagement ring features a glowing deep purple baguette tourmaline weighing .75 carat. This gemstone is flanked by 6 seed pearls, all residing in a 14 kt rose gold setting with handcrafted filigree engravings, circa late 1800's. Browse our timeless, rare selection of Victorian diamond rings and Victorian jewelry. Fun Fact: Victorian jewelry used metals such as 14 and 18 Kt rose gold and rosy yellow gold.

Art Deco Sapphire Engagement Ring

Ethics will never come into question with this beautiful, one of a kind Art Deco sapphire engagement ring . It features a center european cut diamond, flanked by 64 french cut Burma sapphires and 22 antique rose cut diamond accents, all residing in a 1920s platinum and yellow gold setting. A beautiful original antique ring. Our collection of timeless sapphire engagement rings includes beautiful shades of blue, yellow and orange.

Antique Engagement Ring

This one of a kind antique engagement ring from the Edwardian era features an ethical and conflict free .50 carat european cut diamond. This diamonds is flanked by 14 single cut diamond accents, all residing in a 1920s platinum setting completed with filigree engravings. Browse our unique collection of vintage engagement rings from the Victorian and Retro eras.

Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage diamond rings and vintage jewelry is our passion. This vintage ring features a glittering antique european cut diamond weighing .90 carat, surrounded by 24 single cut diamond accents, all residing in a stunning filigree Art Deco setting circa 1930's. will never source antique diamonds or gemstones.

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