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by Suzanne Sachs  5 min read

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Vintage engagement rings, and wedding bands, are well known for their timeless appeal and beauty.  One metal we are always asked about, which happens to be a favorite of many since the Victorian era, is rose gold. Understanding what a rose gold engagement ring is, along with knowing its history, meaning, and symbolism can help you decide if it is the best metal to represent your relationship and the romance of your journey together.

What You Need To Know--

 What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a rich, luscious metal that is a combination of copper and pure gold with a small percentage of silver. If you happen to decide this timeless metal that exudes warmth is for you, do you choose 14 kt or 18 kt rose gold? Here’s a little hint on which karat you should choose; 14 kt is more pink than 18 kt, due to the fact that there is less copper in 14 kt. Less copper gives the gold a richer rose, or pink-gold appearance. 





• Caring For a Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose Gold is a durable metal with a hue that complements any skin tone, and is appealing to the naked eye.  It is a classic metal that needs about the same maintenance as yellow gold but requires more maintenance than platinum. For rose gold rings we always recommend a light mild soap cleaning. Since rose gold is a mixture of copper and silver it may fade a bit creating a look called “patina” which gives your ring an antique finish.  We believe you should never polish an antique ring because it took so long for it to look that way!  Another consideration is that rose gold contains copper, which many people have an allergic reaction to.  If you are looking at rose gold rings, make sure you don't have that allergy.

The Cost of Rose Gold Jewelry

A rose gold ring could be the same price as other golds when looking at new rings, however when it comes to a vintage engagement ring it will be more expensive. Rose gold and platinum are both such coveted metals for vintage rings that dealers will pay more for this than any yellow gold ring. 

• History of Rose Gold 

Rose gold was first used in early 19th century Russia by the famed jeweler Carl Faberge in his infamous Faberge Eggs. Rose gold was the metal of choice for engagement rings during the Victorian era and during the 1920's. It added warmth, femininity and an understated elegance unparalleled by any other metal.



Rose Gold Meaning

• Love and Warmth

Rose gold represents pure love. The pink hue of this timeless metal exudes warmth, love and devotion

• Historic Jewelers

As history shows, rose gold is anything but new. Tiffany, Faberge, and Cartier are just a few of the famed jewelers known to have used this as their metal of choice.

• Celebrity Symbolism

Hollywood has caught rose gold fever and has graced some of the most popular fingers in Hollywood, including Blake Lively, Anna Camp, Emma Roberts and Whitney Carson. Any bride who chooses rose gold joins this elite group of leading ladies who adore this stunning metal.


Rose Gold Popularity Circa 2021

A recent survey taken by shows that 4.3% of the population wears a rose gold engagement ring and it is the 5th most popular metalThe most popular metal is white gold, followed by yellow gold and platinum

Choosing Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold is known as a warm inviting metal that has been popular since the Victorian era. When it comes to engagement rings, especially vintage engagement rings, we feel it is second to none. If your partner yearns for classic elegance, she will surely be enamored by the allure of a rose gold engagement ring. There is no metal that exudes the warmth, beauty and grace of rose gold and will envelop her into a lifetime of happiness and pleasure.

Vintage Rose Gold Rings For Everyone:

No matter which gemstone is your favorite, these time-honored gemstones have a rich history and individualized character and will continue to have a timeless beauty and elegant appeal that is part of a legacy to pass on to future generations.

Find The Perfect Rose Gold Engagement Ring:

Antique rings are prized not only for their beauty but also for their exquisite attention to detailing and design. If you’re looking for a ring with a sense of glamour, sophistication and vintage charm, explore our collection of rose gold engagement rings today!

Suzanne Sachs

Suzanne has always believed vintage rings can change lives. She's been in the jewelry industry for over 35 years, working with vintage jewelers, diamond dealers, diamond cutters, and gemologists. Suzanne started Artdecodiamonds in 2000 and understood the demand for vintage rings throughout the world. She ultimately started in 2014, and understands each vintage ring is a reflection of you – your history, your relationships, your style, your elegance and is honored to have the opportunity to help you showcase your flair in a unique and exquisite way.


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