Top Antique Engagement Ring Problems and Solutions

We adore antique engagement rings! Who wouldn't!? Antique engagement rings are 50-100 years old, from eras such as Victorian, Art Deco, and Edwardian. These rings were created by master jewelers, who were artists and superior craftsman. Antique diamond rings feature beautiful embellishments, and glittering antique diamonds that simply can not be reproduced today. If you are considering purchasing antique jewelry, or have already, you may have noticed some problems with your antique engagement ring and/or vintage jewelry. Here are a few problems you may, or may not, experience. Yet, if you notice them, you will be able to fix it and enjoy your antique jewelry for years to come.


Antique Engagement Rings Are Delicate

Many antique rings were handmade and, therefore, are extremely delicate. If you have an antique ring, take it off before you play tennis. If you love to garden, take the ring off or wear gloves to protect your ring. This will go a long way in protecting your engagement ring. This holds true if you have a precious sapphire engagement ring as well.


Take a Look At Your Shank

The shank is the bottom half of your vintage ring. After many years, the shank may become too thin and can crack. A good master jeweler can replace the shank without doing any damage, or harm, to the rest of the ring. If your jeweler is viewing your vintage diamond ring please ask him to please take a look at your prongs. Prongs simply hold your diamond in place and protect your diamond from any bumps.


What To Do If You Lose an Antique Mine Cut or European Cut Diamond

Most antique jewelers who have been in the industry for decades will have replacement mine cut, European cut, rose cut, or single cut diamonds for your vintage engagement ring . If your jeweler does not have a replacement, you will have to find an antique dealer who specializes in Art Deco diamond rings .


How Do I Clean My Ring?

This is a question is asked all the time. We advise all of our clients with a vintage engagement ring , to just use a little soap and water and lightly use a toothbrush to delicately clean your ring. Please remember not to do this over a sink!


Polishing an Antique Ring

We also advise our customers to never polish their ring. This is because it took so many years to get that antique look. It is an antique ring! We do advise them to polish a shank if need be.


Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones

Over time, precious gems such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies and semiprecious gemstones  such as aquamarines and zircons, may experience some wear and tear. We always advise our clients to have a master jeweler carefully remove the gemstone from the ring and ask their antique jeweler to repair the ring. This is usually an easy process and can be done for a minimal cost.

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