What is Authentic Jewelry and What is Antique Style Jewelry?


Antique Engagement Rings

Antique Art Deco engagement ring is defined as an engagement ring that is approximately between 50 and 100 years old. One area of expertise of an antique jeweler is the ability to establish the origins of engagement rings from eras such as Georgian, Victorian, Art Deco, Edwardian, Retro, or the Mid-Century. Each wonderful era has its own personality and style.


Antique Style Or Reproduction

Websters dictionary defines "style" as a design, or make, in a particular form. When viewing an engagement ring with the word style, or reproduction, used in it's description, it this means that it was designed as a copy of a ring from a particular era. Master jewelers sat behind benches for weeks on end producing what are works of art today. Today's reproductions are computer simulated copies of these bygone works of art. Vintage antique engagement rings are becoming so popular, and harder to find, that most of the shops and websites selling engagement rings are selling vintage style rings and reproductions. When purchasing an engagement ring, please ask the site or store to confirm the authenticity from a specific era.



Conflict free and Ethical

VintageDiamondring.com travels around the globe looking for authentic antique engagement rings and vintage diamond rings for our one of a kind collection. All of our antique rings are estate, which means they are conflict free and ethical. Our antique Victorian engagement rings and antique diamonds were produced before any modern conflicts, so there was no redigging of the earth or any usage of underage children. When buying reproductions, antique or vintage style, it is impossible to be be conflict free. It is very hard to verify every diamond or precious-semi precious gemstone. In addition, we know that every piece of gold or platinum is recycled. With every antique Art Deco diamond ring or vintage antique diamond ring you can be rest assured that you are being ethical!



Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is defined as jewelry that has been previously worn or owned. Estate jewelry comes from many different eras throughout history, and can be contemporary or antique. With estate jewelry you can still be confident you are being ethical. Estate jewelry may be ten years old, but you can feel good about being ethical.



What Does Term Circa Mean?

Websters dictionary defines "circa" as (often preceding a date) approximately. A circa date will give an approximate date which gives the person viewing the vintage ring , or vintage jewelry, a date of a twenty year time span for that period. Antique jewelers will look for specific markings on an antique ring that may give indication of the designer, such as Cartier or Tiffany. Or even a hallmark to determine what time period it is.