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A diamond engagement ring is one of the most classic and versatile piece of jewelry a woman can own. Some couples may prefer a solitaire ring and some may prefer a vintage diamond ring. Understanding the different styles of diamond rings and which are the most timeless, can help you decide if a diamond ring is best to represent your love and the commitment to your happily ever after.



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • Why diamond engagement rings?
  • 10 best diamond engagement ring styles
  • Solitaire diamond ring
  • Halo diamond ring
  • Diamond eternity band
  • Diamond cluster ring
  • Diamond promise ring
  • Diamond wedding band
  • Vintage ring
  • Fancy colored diamond ring
  • Diamond & gemstone ring
  • Choosing a diamond engagement ring

Why Diamond Engagement Rings?

Diamonds are known for their durability and timeless beauty, which is why they are a popular choice for engagement rings. Additionally, diamonds are said to represent strength, purity, and love, making them a meaningful choice for a symbol of commitment. Diamond rings are also beautiful pieces that will suit every hand shape and skin tone. Diamonds go well with nearly any fashion preferences and are suitable for nearly any occasion.

Traditionally, a diamond engagement ring has been a symbol of commitment and love in Western cultures. The tradition of presenting a diamond ring to a woman as a sign of engagement dates back to the 15th century, and since then, diamond engagement rings have become an iconic and highly sought-after symbol of love and devotion. When choosing a diamond ring, great care should be taken to choose quality gem stones and to be sure the overall piece exhibits good craftsmanship.


10 Best Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

There are many beautiful types of vintage diamond engagement rings available, beautifully designed and handcrafted by artisans of their time. The most popular styles that offer timeless beauty include…

• Solitaire Diamond Ring

A solitaire diamond ring is classic, timeless and is always a good choice. It features a single diamond set in a simple band, and is a timeless piece of jewelry.


• Halo Diamond Ring

A halo engagement ring features a center diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. This style is popular because it makes the center stone look larger and more brilliant.


• Three-Stone Diamond Ring

A three-stone diamond ring represents the past, present, and future of a relationship. It features three diamonds of different sizes, arranged in a line on the band. The diamonds may all be identical, or the center stone may be slightly larger than the coordinating stones, but all three form a significant focal point.


• Diamond Eternity Band

An eternity band is a ring with diamonds set all the way around the band. It represents everlasting love and commitment. Eternity bands may use diamonds of different shapes or create a pattern with coordinated shapes, such as matching princess and emerald cuts or ovals paired with round stones.


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• Diamond Cluster Ring

A cluster ring features a group of smaller diamonds arranged to look like a larger diamond. It's an affordable way to get the look of a larger diamond. These rings often have very distinctive styles and are worn solo so no other rings detract from their beauty.


• Diamond Promise Ring

A promise ring is a symbol of commitment between two people. A promise ring is a romantic and meaningful gift. The symbolism of a diamond promise ring and what it represents, can be a perfect choice for your partner. A promise ring doesn’t have to be a “pre-engagement” ring, but could represent any promise such as ongoing fidelity, a commitment to a career, renewing romantic vows, or pledging support for a personal choice between partners or a promise a woman makes to herself.


• Diamond Wedding Band

A diamond wedding band is a classic choice for a wedding ring. It features diamonds set in a band that matches the engagement ring.


• Vintage Ring

A vintage diamond ring has a timeless and romantic appeal. It features intricate details and a unique design that is not often seen in modern jewelry. Vintage rings are sustainable, rich in history and symbolism. With different jewelry eras to choose from, such as the wistful romanticism of Victorian rings or the bold geometry of Art Deco rings, every woman can love a vintage diamond ring.


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• Fancy Colored Diamond Ring

Diamonds come in a variety of colors, including brown, pink, blue, and yellow. A fancy colored diamond ring is a unique and eye-catching ring.


• Diamond & Gemstone Ring

A diamond and gemstone ring combines the beauty of diamonds with the color and vibrancy of gemstones. It's a great way to add some color and personality to a diamond ring.



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Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

When choosing a diamond engagement ring, an important consideration is to discuss the style choice with that someone special.  Exactly which diamond rings are suitable for any woman will vary depending on her individual era preferences and style. With the right preparation, any couple can easily find the perfect diamond engagement ring to symbolize their happily ever after.




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