Browse our elegant collection of unique vintage engagement rings spanning all vintage jewelry eras and styles. Vintage engagement rings have a rich history all their own, having been passed through different generations, relationships, and love stories. Each ring was originally designed and expertly handmade by artisans of their time, from the bold, geometric designs of the Art Deco era to the gentle, precise designs of the Edwardian era using European or mine cut diamonds to the delicate, romantic designs of the Victorian era using precious gemstones set in rose gold. These rings are unique, the quality and precision are undeniable, and many cost less than the mass-produced rings of today. Each ring has its own distinct look from its respective era, so you will never find two identical designs. Furthermore, because of the rings’ ages and how they’ve been produced, our collection is always ethical and conflict free, and the metals are eco-friendly. Whether you are looking for a glittering halo setting, a dramatic two-tone ring, an era-inspired design, or a classic simple solitaire, make your own history by finding the perfect vintage engagement ring to symbolize your happily ever after.