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  • All items have a 30 day money back guarantee from date of receipt , no questions asked.  If you do not like the purchased item, for any reason, simply call or email us for return shipping instructions.
  • If an item does not appraise as described, the money back guarantee is in effect.
  • Inventories are updated once a week so the diamond or piece of jewelry you see may not be in stock.  We do reserve the right due to market price changes and human / computer errors to make price changes.  We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Credit card information is given over an SSL, an encrypted secure link directly to the card service processor.  We have an SSL certificate.  Credit card numbers are generally never stored on the web site.  However,  in some circumstances, a credit card number may remain in our system overnight due to verification processes. Once a credit card number has been verified, it will no longer be kept.

Infrequently, data may be inaccurately displayed on our site due to system error. We make every attempt to avoid these errors. We reserve the right to not honor erroneous or inaccurate prices and are subject to change without notice. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

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