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Antique Pearl Engagement Ring

The pearl is the oldest gem. It is the only gem found organically from living organisms as oysters and mollusks. The most common form of pearl is the cultured pearl, which originate from pearl oysters and freshwater mollusks. There are imitation pearls which can be found in inexpensive jewelry, but don't worry, it is easy to tell the difference. Ask any jeweler and they will see a difference in the iridescence, or coloring, of an imitation pearl compared to a true fresh or saltwater pearl. Because of the shimmering white color of the pearl, it is a popular gem for a bride to wear at her wedding. You will often see pearls as an adornment on a bridal gown, or it may be a tradition for a bride to wear a special piece of antique pearl jewelry to her wedding as a symbol of innocence. Pearls are versatile gems, and can be worn in all types of jewelry. Antique pear shaped, or teardrop pearls are most commonly found in estate earrings and vintage pendants. has unique pieces of antique pearl jewelry including art deco pearl brooches, rings, and pendants. Enjoy browsing our selection.