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Period Classifications Of Antique Jewelry? travels the world looking for the finest antique and vintage engagement rings. Each antique ring in our collection originates from a specific era in history. Each era has its own unique design, or unique personality from the monarchy who ruled, or the design and spirit of that specific time period. Each antique engagement ring displays how master jewelers used craftsmanship, different diamond cuts, and different gemstones. They display the beauty that each era has been defined with. The Art Deco era is defined by geometric lines. The Edwardian era by beautiful patterns and use of platinum. Victorian era used rose gold, and the beautiful feminine and animal-like jewlery is from the Art Nouveau period. The return of the power jewelers using large diamonds and precious gemstones was from the fabulous fifties and sixties. has over 30 years of experience, which gives us the knowledge to define each era with its beauty and craftsmanship. We only offer conflict free and ethical antique and vintage engagement rings.

Georgian (1760-1837) 


       This jewelry was produced from 1720-1820 and considered to be English jewelry. Garnets, topaz, coral, faceted diamonds such as rose cuts, old mine cuts and floral motifs are typical of this period.



 Victorian (1837-1901)

Victorian Moonstone Diamond 14 Kt Rose Gold Ring

      Jewelry produced during the reign of Queen Victoria of England. Composed mostly of yellow gold, enamel and diamonds. Periods include Early Victorian, Mid-Victorian and Late Victorian.


Art Nouveau (1895-1910)

Art Nouveau Engagement Ring


        This type of jewelry was produced from 1895-1910. Flowers, dragon flies, free flowing lines, birds and pastel colored enamels are typical of this period.


Belle Epoque (1880-1920)


antique engagement ring

    This period overlaps with Edwardian and we see the addition of platinum, diamonds and pearls. Workmanship is open, delicate and free.


Edwardian (1880-1915)


Edwardian Diamond Ring in Platinum

   This type of jewelry includes detailed work with platinum, diamonds and detailed design. Diamonds were a favorite but we see amethysts, peridots, demantoid garnets, aqua marines, opals and pearls.


Art Deco (1915-1938)


Antique Engagement Ring

      This jewelry was produced from 1915-1938. Designs are bold, magnificent and modernistic. We are introduced to gemstones such as Kashmir Sapphires, Burma Rubies and Columbian Muzo emeralds.


Retro (1939-1950)


retro ring

       Retro jewelry was produced in the 1940's and early 1950's. When we think of the Retro period we think of old Hollywood and all it's glamour. We are introduced to rubies, sapphires, diamonds and multi colored precious stones.


Mid Century (mid 1950's)


.60 Carat Mid-Century Diamond Ring

        We start to see a return to platinum and diamonds. The big jeweler returns such as Winston, Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier and Tiffany. Extravagant pieces are created including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls.




Vintage jewelry frequently has substantial value due to the combination of precious diamonds and stones, precious metals, degree of rareness, age, period, and features. Values fall within the range of near nothing to several hundred thousand dollars, in exceptional cases, even millions. The vast majority of pieces are valued at under $5000.

Sometimes there may be uncertainty about the accurate value. Conveniently,for those seeking a means of valuating a vintage jewelry item(s) there are books available which provide established appraisal guidelines. Additionally, many experts and antique jewelry brokers offer services which can provide insight and valuation.