Everyone is crazy over the NCAA's March madness, but VintageDiamondRing.com's march madness is for one of our favorite gemstones, the Aquamarine. As you may know our lovely friend the Aquamarine is part of the beryll family and is known for it's stunning blue hues. Why has this beautiful gemstone remained so popular throughout many eras of history and is still popular today? We love to sell antique aquamarine rings, but we will give you all you need to know about aquamarines and any engagement ring. Here are a few thoughts which will make it easier for you to choose the right ring.

Why are Aquamarines so popular?

There are two reasons for the popularity of the aquamarine. The first reason is because of the stunning ocean like blue color. Aquamarines will come in many different hues including light blue, sky blue, water color blue and glacier color blue. The deeper the blue color of the aquamarine, the more coveted or valuable it will be. Another reason for the aquamarine's popularity is its affordability. The Aquamarine is a wonderful alternative to precious gemstones such as rubies, sapphires or emeralds. Aquamarines also cost much less than diamonds, so choosing a center aquamarine will allow you to get a bigger gemstone, or antique ring, to fit within your budget.

What Era's were aquamarines used?

Aquamarines have been used throughout the main eras of history, including Victorian, Art Deco, edwardian, midcentury ( especially the 1960's and 1970's) and is still popular today. During the Art Deco era we saw a resurgence of this gemstone as an important centerpiece for rings. During the 1960's and 1970's we saw another resurgence of large aquamarines used in rings and sets including necklaces , bracelets and earrings. Aquamarine jewelry was also a favorite for the famous jeweler Seaman Schepps. With the aquamarine being the "go to" gem in so many eras ,you will have a choice of metals to choose from including platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Now is the time to ask yourself is your future fiancé an antique or art deco lover, or does she prefer antique or vintage? If so, we would recommend an antique engagement ring with an aquamarine center. Each one of our vintage rings has a history, and every woman loves a history and imagining the lovely stories behind each ring.

Where are aquamarines mined? Are they heat treated and conflict free?

Aquamarines were are in abundance in Brazil and have also been mined in many parts of Africa. There have also been aquamarines which came from Afghanistan and Pakistan, so we believe new aquamarine rings can not be guaranteed to be Conflict Free, whereas antique and vintage aquamarine rings are original to their rings and are not associated with modern conflicts.

All aquamarines will have some type of heat treatment making it's color anywhere from a greenish blue to the much more desirable deeper blue. Quality, durability and beauty are just a few of the important characteristics of why this gemstone has it's place in history, and is often found in pieces of jewelry. It never hurts that wearing this gemstone helps with our courage as well, according to mysticism

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