Promise Rings


      A promise ring is a token of love given as a symbol of your eternal commitment to one another as a couple. There is no limit to style when it comes to promise rings. Traditionally more simple than an engagement ring, the options are still endless, so make sure to choose one she will want to wear forever, as it is an expression of your everlasting romance. Browse our collection of vintage promise rings for that perfect one to represent your everlasting future.

      About Promise Rings

      Promise rings differ from engagement rings, but they still represent love and devotion. A promise ring could signify taking the next step toward engagement one day, but maybe its just not feasible yet.

      Promise Ring Designs

      Each individuals circumstances are different, but the significance of the ring is very much the same, a show of commitment to one another.

      • Historic Trends - The trend of giving a promise ring began in ancient roman times when roman brides wore rings as a promise of a future marriage.
      • Future Symbolism - Diamonds symbolize love and commitment. For whatever reason you are not able to get engaged, a vintage promise ring proves your devotion to your partner.
      • Romantic Promise - Vintage promise rings symbolize your love and purity, as well as a promise to yourselves to love one another.
      • Beautiful Styles - Shapes and styles are limitless, as promise rings can be plain bands, engraved bands, gemstone bands or even matching promise rings.

      Find the Perfect Promise Ring

      More than just any ring, a promise ring for her is a symbol of the beginning of your journey together as a committed couple. Whether she has a more simplistic style, or maybe likes to be more unique we are confident you will find the ideal vintage ring to make her the promise you intend to keep.

      179 products

      179 products