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      There is a certain sense of grace, refinement, and decadence that makes Edwardian era engagement rings truly captivating to behold. Statement-making and elegant, these carefully crafted pieces commemorate the glamour of one of the most polished periods in world history. Explore our curated collection of Edwardian rings today.

      About The Edwardian Era

      The Edwardian era refers to a decade-long period beginning in 1901, when King Edward VII took over the British throne following Queen Victoria’s death. This distinct moment in history bridges the gap between the conservative Victorian era and the more modern Art Deco era. The Edwardian era is the last jewelry era named for a British monarch. While King Edward’s reign ended with his death in 1910, his royal influence on jewelry continues to this day.

      Edwardian Engagement Ring Designs

      This Edwardian era is renowned for its feminine, delicate jewelry designs, which often include detailed and elaborate filigree work and elegant lace-like patterns. While Victorian jewelers were known for their modest and traditional designs, both design trends and society’s moral standards became slightly more relaxed during the Edwardian era. Subsequently, the opulence and sumptuousness of Victorian design slowly became juxtaposed with a softer, more feminine aesthetic.

      Edwardian jewelry references the organic influence of Art Nouveau while also introducing intricate design elements that would become increasingly popular during the Art Deco period. Often large and opulent in design, jewelry from this era features gracefully curved lines and whimsical floral motifs. Each exquisitely crafted piece is a statement-making work of art in its own right.

      • Diamonds, Diamonds & More Diamonds - Central diamonds were often enhanced with multiple side stones and accent stones, showcased in elongated settings to emphasizes the ring’s detail and sparkle. Settings featuring clusters of diamonds and halos were also common during this time.
      • Luxurious Platinum - Platinum was the preferred metal for Edwardian engagement rings because of its rich luster and sheen. This metal is the perfect choice to bring out the radiant sparkle from diamonds, which continued to grow in popularity during this period.
      • Pearls & Precious Gemstones -Pearls were often paired with diamonds, creating even more lustrous and rich designs. Sapphires, rubies, and onyx were often featured in Edwardian designs as well.
      • Delicate Touch - Garlands, ribbons, wreaths, scrolls, and other elaborate flowing shapes are characteristic of Edwardian pieces. Rings from this period are often edged in delicate milgrain work for even more intricate detail.

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      Romantic and luxurious, an Edwardian engagement ring is an exceptional choice for any woman who appreciates the golden age of glamour. Browse our collection to find the perfect ring today.

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      48 products