Vintage Wedding Bands


      A vintage wedding band is more than just a piece of jewelry—it’s an ongoing story of romance, commitment, and devotion. These hand-created rings showcase the peak of craftsmanship and gorgeous settings, exquisite gemstones, and designs that span every era of jewelry history. To find the perfect wedding band, explore the many styles offered within our bespoke collection of vintage wedding bands.

      The Significance of Vintage Wedding Bands

      The tradition of giving and receiving wedding bands dates back to ancient times, symbolizing the everlasting bond between two lovers. Egyptian scrolls dating back as far as 3,000 BC depict couples exchanging rings made of braided hemp, reeds, papyrus, or leather at their marriage ceremonies. As time went on, wedding rings were crafted from sturdier materials like bone, ivory, and metal, featuring diamonds and other precious gemstones. From romantic Victorian era designs to bold Art Deco designs, you’re sure to find an incredible wedding band within our collection.

      Vintage Wedding Band Designs

      Vintage wedding bands incorporate a wide range of popular styles, from simple bands and eternity rings to three stone rings, pave and channel settings, and other timeless designs. Nothing has the same expressive appeal as a vintage ring, and nothing you wear on a daily basis can embody your personal journey and partnership more.

      • Simple Diamond Bands - Simple designs are perfect for the classic beauty. Nothing beats an understated style. Bands with baguettes or emerald-cut diamonds circling the exterior are the picture of minimalism.
      • Opulent Diamond Bands - If she isn’t afraid of adding even more opulence to her wedding set, consider pairing her engagement ring with diamond wedding bands that feature statement-making stones, intricate metalwork, or fabulous filigree.
      • Double Row Diamond Bands - Wedding bands that feature two distinct rows of diamonds are simply twice as statement-making. Stylish and symmetrical, these rings often feature a geometric pattern or set of diamonds alongside colorful gemstones.
      • Contoured Bands - Some diamond wedding bands feature a curved accent that is designed to cradle the center stone of a simple diamond solitaire engagement ring. These rings offer the perfect way to create a stackable wedding jewelry set.
      • And More - There are many breathtaking wedding ring styles to discover within our collection. From colored gemstones to extravagant metalwork, you’re sure to find a piece that she’ll cherish forever.

      Find the Perfect Vintage Wedding Band

      Shop our curated collection of vintage wedding bands to find a style that sparkles, shines, and perfectly symbolizes your commitment to your beloved.

      242 products

      242 products