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The tenth anniversary is a significant milestone for any couple, marking a full decade of commitment, romance, and partnership. Couples may go through many challenges and growth in their first ten years together, such as completing educational goals, buying a home, moving, starting a family, changing jobs, and much more. What better way to celebrate a decade of accomplishments than with a thoughtful anniversary gift? These 10 best 10-year anniversary gifts offer meaningful options for any couple to mark this milestone.



    Why Give a Gift?

    While a gift is not necessary even for an anniversary as meaningful as ten years together, it is a thoughtful way to symbolize an ongoing commitment and evolving relationship. Some couples prefer to choose a single gift they will share, while others may opt for separate gifts to present to each other. No matter what, the gift (or gifts) should be carefully chosen and be something to be enjoyed, remembered, and cherished for far longer than just one decade.


    10 Best Anniversary Gifts for the 10th Anniversary

    The “traditional” gift choice associated with the tenth anniversary is tin or aluminum, which is strong yet still able to be molded and shaped, just as a couple has endured a decade of challenges but is still – even after ten years – shaping their life together. More modern options for the tenth anniversary include the enduring beauty of diamonds, the spring-like innocence of daffodils, and the elegance of silver and blue colors. Many couples opt for gifts that incorporate one or more of the tenth anniversary symbols, but any thoughtful, considerate gift can make a wonderful anniversary present.

    Popular anniversary gift choices for the 10-year anniversary include…

    • Diamond Bands

    A glittering diamond band may be an upgrade to the wedding band, especially if the budget 10 years ago didn’t permit as much bling, or it could be an anniversary ring to complete the full wedding ring set. Eternity and stacking ring styles are especially popular for anniversary gifts.


    • Diamond Jewelry

    If a ring isn’t in the budget or a preferred style, any diamond jewelry can be a stunning anniversary gift after ten shared years. A pair of elegant diamond studs or drop earrings is a great choice, or consider a sapphire ring, a diamond tennis bracelet, brooch, pendant, or necklace to add sparkle to an entire wardrobe.


    • Vintage Bands

    For a simpler style, a vintage ring or a silver ring honors the tradition of silver as a tenth anniversary gift with fashionable flair. Choosing an antique or vintage ring is a great way to incorporate even more symbolism into the style and can help build a jewelry collection that will stand the test of time for many more anniversaries.


    • Blue Jewelry

    Because the color blue is a modern association with the 10-year anniversary, sapphire jewelry is a beautiful and distinctive gift option. This might be a sapphire ring, a pair of earrings, a gorgeous pendant, or any other style. Depending on the budget, other blue stones include turquoise, blue diamonds, blue topaz, tourmaline, or aquamarine.


    • Silver or Tin Frames

    Photo frames are a great option for any anniversary, and a silver or tin frame is perfect for the tenth anniversary. It might be the perfect accent to refresh a wedding photo, or for a more recent family photo, or even a special anniversary photo shoot to commemorate a very special year.


    • Flower Rings

    Because daffodils are associated with the tenth anniversary, floral-inspired gifts are popular and bring a freshness and renewal to the relationship. Victorian rings often incorporate floral motifs, or opt for other floral gifts, such as a spring throw pillow, daffodil artwork, or a lovely bouquet of fresh daffodils.


    • Birthstone Rings

    While all birthstones aren’t associated with ten years of marriage, birthstone rings can be a very meaningful and symbolic gift for this special anniversary. The birthstone might represent the couple as well as the family they’ve begun in the last decade, or could incorporate significant dates such as a first date, the proposal, and the wedding date.


    • Wedding Gifts

    The tenth anniversary can be a fun time to finally get that one gift from the wedding registry that was never bought, or to upgrade items that may have become damaged, lost, or worn out from ten years of use. Other upgrades might relate to a growing family, such as additional dish place settings, larger cookware, or time-saving appliances.

    • Timeless Gifts

    Any gift that shows a couple’s journey together is one that will be very special and treasured. These “timeline” gifts often denote special dates or places in a couple’s relationship, and might take the form of photo collages, artwork, maps, sundials, coordinating jewelry pieces, or other creative options.


    • Time Together

    Ten years can seem like a very long time, but it can also fly by. For a very memorable anniversary, arranging special time together to mark the day with a romantic dinner, whimsical date night, second honeymoon, or even a staycation can be a great way to remember the love and commitment the couple shares.


    Choosing a 10 Year Anniversary Gift Which Is Right For You

    UUltimately, the very best 10-year anniversary gift will be one that is thoughtful and best for the partner or to share together. Every relationship is unique, and when a couple has been true to one another for ten years, it is important to be true to each other’s style and preferences for a perfect anniversary gift that will be beloved for the next ten years. Whether that is a traditional type of gift or something completely off the wall, if it is special to the couple, it will be the best anniversary gift of all.

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