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An anniversary ring can mean many things, from marking a special milestone to reaffirming heartfelt vows. But how can you pick the perfect anniversary ring to be just as significant and beloved as the initial engagement ring and wedding band?



In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • How to choose an anniversary ring?
  • 10 Best anniversary rings
  • Wedding sets
  • Retiring another ring
  • Marking a milestone year
  • Acknowledging an event
  • Cocktail rings
  • Eternity rings
  • Stackable rings
  • Vintage rings
  • Inspired rings
  • Promise rings
  • Choosing an anniversary ring that is right for you

    How to Choose an Anniversary Ring?

    Just as the engagement ring and wedding ring were chosen with great care and thoughtfulness, so too should an anniversary ring be chosen carefully and thoughtfully. The personal style and fashion preferences of the wearer must be considered, and the reasoning behind the ring should be taken into account.

    An anniversary ring meant to be worn alongside the engagement ring or wedding band, for example, needs different consideration than a standalone piece. Note which finger the ring will be worn on, how often it is meant to be worn, and what the budget may be, and keep all these considerations in mind when investigating different ring styles and options.


    10 Best Anniversary Rings

    There is no single right or wrong way to choose an anniversary ring. Just as every couple’s relationship is unique and worth celebrating, every anniversary ring can be just as unique. Popular options for picking a meaningful anniversary ring that will be treasured for years include…

    • Wedding Sets

    An anniversary ring can be used to complete the initial wedding set adding extra sparkle to commemorate the successful years of marriage. In this case, the ring is often thinner and chosen to closely coordinate with the engagement ring and wedding band for a cohesive look.


    • Retiring Another Ring

    Some couples choose an anniversary ring to retire either the initial engagement ring, the wedding band, or both. This might be done as those rings are passed to a new generation, or just because tastes and fashion may have changed. This is also a great opportunity to upgrade to a new ring design that may not have been practical or possible in earlier years.


    • Marking a Milestone Year

    Many anniversary rings mark milestone anniversaries, whether the fifth, tenth, twenty-fifth, or any other significant number. These rings might feature a specific number of stones to celebrate the year, or could be connected to traditional anniversary gift options. A vintage openwork ring, for example, can be a lovely option for the traditional thirteen anniversary gift of lace.


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    • Acknowledging an Event

    An anniversary ring can be a great way to celebrate a significant event during the year, such as the birth of a child, completing an advanced education degree, buying a house, retiring from a career, moving to a new place, or any other event the couple has worked hard for and enjoyed.


    • Cocktail Rings

    Often large and flashy, cocktail rings are eye-catching pieces often worn for special events or a night on the town. These rings often have very distinctive style and are worn solo so no other rings detract from their beauty.


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    • Eternity Rings

    A deceptively simple band with a full circumference of glittering diamonds, eternity bands may use diamonds of different shapes or create a pattern with coordinated shapes, such as matching princess and emerald cuts or ovals paired with round stones.


    • Stackable Rings

    Stackable rings are thinner, more delicate diamond rings worn as a changeable, customizable set. While some of the rings may be plain or simply textured, rings with small diamonds add a bit of glitter to the full stack or can be worn separately for a delicate look.he symbolism of the ring and what it represents, it can be a perfect promise ring.


    • Vintage Rings

    Antique and vintage diamond rings have luxury style and are rich in history and symbolism. With different jewelry eras to choose from, such as the wistful romanticism of Victorian rings or the bold geometry of Art Deco rings, every woman can love a vintage diamond ring.


    • Inspired Rings

    When a woman is a fan of a particular celebrity’s style, a royal family member’s flair, or the creativity of a particular movie or television show, a diamond ring inspired by that style can be a welcome addition to her jewelry collection.


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    • Promise Rings

    A promise ring doesn’t have to be a “pre-engagement” ring, but could represent any promise such as ongoing fidelity, a commitment to a career, renewing romantic vows, or pledging support for a personal choice between partners or a promise a woman makes to herself.


    Choosing an Anniversary Ring That is Right For You

    An anniversary ring is just as meaningful and celebratory of couple’s continuing union as the rings that first began that union with a question and a vow. Choosing an anniversary ring thoughtfully and for the greatest significance demonstrates the ongoing connection between partners, including all they have accomplished and all that is yet to come for them to celebrate together.


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