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Fashion trends change every year, and jewelry trends with diamond rings for women are no different. The most popular styles may be influenced by a variety of different things, and a new and unique trend can be very tempting to follow. Which of these top diamond ring styles for 2024 will be your new favorite?


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What Influences a Trend?
  • Should I Choose a Vintage Diamond Ring?
  • 10 Best Diamond Rings For Women in 2024
  • Horizontal Stones
  • Heirloom Diamond Rings
  • Moonstone and Diamond Rings
  • Three Stone Rings
  • Toi et Moi Rings
  • Thicker Diamond Rings
  • Vintage Diamond Rings
  • Stackable Diamond Rings
  • Colored Diamond Rings
  • Salt and Pepper Diamonds
  • The Best Trend Of All

What Influences a Trend?

Many factors can spark a jewelry trend. A popular celebrity or prominent figure such as a member of a royal family, philanthropist, or high level influencer might be a focal point for a diamond ring jewelry trend. This is especially true if they wear new or unique pieces as a diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, or for a notable event such as a coronation or awards ceremony.

Similarly, top television shows and hot movies can create new trends, particularly if they focus on vintage eras or distinct styles such as minimalism or steampunk. Social causes, economic trends, and even historic events or historic anniversaries can all influence fashion and jewelry trends.


10 Best Diamond Rings for Women in 2024

The top diamond ring styles for women in 2024 include a range of fashionable designs, suitable as engagement rings, wedding bands, cocktail rings, or statement pieces for any discerning woman. Among the enduringly beloved styles that epitomize timeless beauty are...


Horizontal Stones

Diamonds set in the horizontal or east/west orientation parallel to the ring’s band are growing in popularity. Not only are they an eye-catching alternative to the expected north/south orientation, but a horizontal setting maximizes the carat appearance of a longer diamond, making this an economical choice for stunning diamond rings.



Heirloom Diamond Rings

A woman can have a sense of connection to her family and that someone special – mother, grandmother, aunt, etc. – with an heirloom ring passed through the generations. If the ring style doesn’t quite suit her, resetting an heirloom diamond into a fresh new style can give the stone new vibrance while maintaining that family connection.


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Moonstone and Diamond Rings

A With the stunning total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, moonstone and diamond rings are especially popular for 2024. The rich luster of moonstone can be a beautiful way to commemorate the event, with the sparkle of diamonds adding flair to the ring.


Three Stone Rings

Three stone or trilogy rings are experiencing a resurgence this year, bringing this beautiful style back into prominence. The three similarly-sized diamonds (the center stone may be slightly larger) traditionally represent past, present, and future, but can have any symbolism meaningful to the wearer.



Toi-et-Moi Rings

Edwardian-era rings are characterized by delicate, lacy designs and the use of platinum. Owning an Edwardian ring can feel like owning a piece of history. These rings were crafted during a time of change and elegance, and they reflect the social and artistic trends of the early 20th century.


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Thicker Diamond Rings

While thin, delicate bands are a feminine favorite, thicker ring designs have bold flair perfect for today’s girl bosses and any confident woman with a singular sense of style. Many antique and vintage diamond rings are thicker designs that showcase the beauty of diamonds in an uncompromising way.


Vintage Diamond Rings

Vintage rings are growing in popularity because not only are they ethical both socially and environmentally, but they showcase unique designs and have a special connection to history and favorite eras that give them outstanding symbolism. In 2024, Art Deco diamond rings are especially popular.



Stackable Diamond Rings

The delicacy of stackable diamond rings gives these pieces a fiery feminine energy, but the rings can also be changed around to meet different style preferences at different times. These diamond rings for women are truly personalized with different stone shapes, band textures, and other intricate details.


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Colored Diamond Rings

A classic colorless diamond is a timeless piece, but it can also be easily confused for an engagement ring. Brilliantly colored diamonds are a growing trend that offers a burst of eye-catching color with the classic luxury and fire of a diamond. Pink, blue, yellow, and other shades all make stunning choices.


Salt and pepper Diamonds

While diamonds are traditionally more valuable with fewer flaws or inclusions, stones that feature high numbers of both black and white inclusions are a growing trend called salt-and-pepper diamonds. These stones draw the eye for their infinitely unique patterns and can be a beautiful option for a diamond ring.


The Best Trend of All

The very best 2024 trend in diamond rings for women is whatever ring style you like the best. While trends come and go, a favorite ring that you enjoy will be your go-to accessory for years to come, whether or not it is one of the more popular styles of the moment. While trends can be great starting points to define your fashion and you may even love a trend dearly, don’t feel that you have to be confined to them. Choose a ring you love, wear it with confidence, and you may start a diamond ring trend yourself!.

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