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A sapphire ring can be a stunning representation of a couple’s love and commitment to one another, but is it the best choice for your relationship? Understanding the pros and cons of buying a sapphire engagement ring is essential when choosing one of these dramatic and distinctive gemstone rings.


In this guide, we will explain the following:

  • What is a sapphire?
  • 13 best sapphire rings any woman can love
  • Sapphire color
  • Engagement ring styles
  • Meaning
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Vintage rings
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Caring for your sapphire ring
  • Maintenance
  • Less brilliance
  • Coordination
  • Tradition
  • Choosing a sapphire ring

What is a Sapphire?

The Sapphire is a precious gemstone which is a variety of the mineral corundum. Sapphires come in a variety of colors, but it is best known for its vibrant shades of blue. Blue sapphire hues range from light blue, to dark blue to a cornflower blue. Even though the sapphire is most well known for its blue shades, it can be found in many different colors, including orange, yellow, purple, green, brown, gray, black, and even clear (or colorless). Because of this variety, the sapphire is a versatile gemstone, quite popular in antique jewelry, including vintage engagement rings and pieces from different historical periods.


Sapphire rings are an intriguing choice for many couples and bring a burst of color to this most important piece of jewelry. Sapphires are used in engagement rings in many ways, both as an eye- catching center stone and as colorful accents. Sapphire rings may also include diamonds as accents to add more sparkle, or even other colored gems.


13 Best Sapphire Rings Any Women Can Love

• Sapphire Color 

Blue is the most common color for sapphires, but these gems are actually found in many different colors. Sapphires may be purple, pink, orange, green, brown, gray, or black, and some sapphires are even “white” or colorless. This gives couples a great range of options if they prefer a sapphire engagement ring.


• Engagement Ring Styles

Furthermore, sapphires are suitable in many different engagement ring styles. From antique and vintage engagement rings to modern settings and designs, sapphires are just as beautiful in classic prong settings as they are in bezels, halos, clusters, three-stone, and other popular engagement ring designs.


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• Meaning

Sapphires are more symbolic than just with color. The sapphire is the official birthstone of September, and represents wonderful qualities such as hope, faith, wisdom, and good fortune, all ideal traits for a couple’s relationship. Sapphires are also favored by royalty, and both Princess Diana and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge share a stunning sapphire engagement ring.


• Durability

Sapphires are a durable gemstone, and in fact sapphires are the hardest natural gem other than diamond. This makes sapphires very resistant to chips and cracks, so they can easily be worn every day without fear of excessive wear or damage, or without needing to remove the ring for most daily activities.


• Cost

Depending on the quality of the stone, sapphires are generally less expensive than diamonds, allowing couples to choose a high-quality, luxurious sapphire that is still more affordable than a diamond of similar quality. This makes sapphires a smart choice for any couple on a budget.


• Vintage Rings

Because sapphires have been popular in different jewelry eras, particularly for Art Deco engagement rings and Edwardian engagement rings, it is easy to find vintage or antique engagement rings featuring sapphires. This allows couples to enjoy the distinction of an older ring with the glamour of a more unique gemstone choice.


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• Eco-Friendly

The only way to guarantee that a sapphire is eco-friendly and conflict free is to either purchase a vintage sapphire ring or to reuse a vintage or antique gemstone that was mined prior to 1980.


Sapphires aren’t necessarily the ideal stone choice for every couple, however, and it is important to consider the potential cons of sapphire engagement rings before choosing one. These include…

• Caring For Your Sapphire Ring

While sapphire is among the hardest of gemstones, even a good quality sapphire can still be scratched or damaged. It is important to protect the stone and clean and store it properly to protect the sapphire from damage.



• Maintenance

Over time, wear and tear on a sapphire, even if it is carefully protected, may require that the stone be repolished or recut to return it to its original glory. If the stone is especially damaged, it may need to be completely reset, and these costs can add up over time.


• Less Brilliance

Sapphires have a rich, lustrous color, but they also have less sparkle and glitter than diamonds. If that glint of sparkle catching one’s eye is important to a couple’s vision of the perfect engagement ring, a sapphire may not be the best choice.


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• Coordination

Depending on the style of the ring, particularly if it is a vintage or antique ring, it can be challenging to find a coordinating wedding ring to match a sapphire engagement ring. If having a matching wedding set is important for a couple’s style, they need to be prepared for that potential difficulty.


• Tradition

While a sapphire ring may seem trendy and innovative, a couple may later regret not having a traditional and more familiar diamond engagement ring. This can be especially true if family members and friends may mistake the sapphire engagement ring for a different style and not the engagement ring it is intended to be.


Choosing a Sapphire Ring

Despite the potential cons of a sapphire engagement ring, these gems are still beautiful and can be outstanding pieces of jewelry, perfect to represent a couple’s promise to wed. Couples who are familiar with the pros and cons of sapphire engagement rings can easily decide if one of these rings is best to symbolize their relationship.

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