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by Suzanne Sachs  5 min read

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Finding attractive rings that fit well can be a challenge for anyone with large fingers. Certain styles, however, can be very flattering on large fingers, and opting for a thoughtful engagement ring design that takes finger size and shape into account can help you find a ring you love as much as your partner.

What You Need To Know---

• Types of Large Fingers

All hands and fingers have different proportions, and you need to consider your finger length, width, and knuckle size when shopping for an engagement ring. If you have very long fingers or prominent knuckles but slim, slender bones, it can be more challenging to find a ring you love that flatters your hand. Each different type of large fingers has certain diamond shapes and engagement ring styles that will look best, however, and considering different options can help you find the ring you love that looks stunning on your hand.

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Engagement Rings for Long Fingers

•  Diamond Shape

Any longer diamond shape – oval, marquise, emerald, pear – looks stunning on a long finger, and helps balance the length well. Choosing diamond shapes with longer proportions will also help catch the eye and really highlight the ring on a long finger.

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•  Ring Settings

Long fingers can really show off dramatic engagement ring settings because there is more room to utilize without cramping the finger. Tension settings, split shanks, and infinity settings with twisted bands are all stunning options for long fingers.

•  Engagement Ring Design

Overall, large, long fingers can easily handle a wide range of engagement ring designs. Simple designs with some elaborate details will not overwhelm thinner long fingers, while more intricate designs work great on thicker fingers.


Oval cut diamond engagement ring

Engagement Rings for Thick Fingers

Thick fingers can have a stout, stubby, or chunky look and generally are thick throughout their length, which can make them seem shorter than they really are. If your large fingers are thick or wide, you have to find an engagement ring style that works best with that shape.

• Diamond Shape

Wide, broad diamond shapes won’t overwhelm thick fingers, while thin shapes could get lost on a wide hand. Wider shapes such as princess, Asscher, round, or cushion-cut are stunning on wide fingers, or perpendicular settings of long shapes can also be unique choices.

• Ring Settings

A thick-fingered hand will look best with a thicker setting that helps conceal more of the finger’s width. Bezel and halo settings are especially popular engagement ring styles for thick fingers, or any setting with side stones or a thicker band can be an attractive choice.

• Engagement Ring Design

More elaborate, wider ring designs are flattering on thick fingers. Three-stone rings or vintage styles such as Victorian engagement rings and Edwardian engagement rings are stunning options that bring a lot of personality and flair to the ring.


Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings for Large Knuckles

Large knuckles can be a challenge for engagement rings, whether the fingers are thin or thick. A large knuckle will not shrink with weight loss and could mean the ring is looser than desired when it is worn in the proper position. Fortunately, there are amazing engagement ring styles that help balance large knuckles beautifully.

• Diamond Shape

Wider diamond shapes with large carat weights are ideal for large-knuckled hands because they will balance the knuckle size without looking overwhelming or disproportionate. Round, cushion-cut, princess, and Asscher styles are particularly popular.

• Ring Settings

A setting that draws attention to the ring and away from the knuckle is best. Channel settings, unique prong designs, halo settings, and filigree designs are all stunning options that highlight the ring and draw the eye where you want it to be.


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• Engagement Ring Design

A wide range of larger engagement rings are perfect for large-knuckled hands. Art Deco engagement rings are a great choice, as are more elaborate Victorian and Edwardian designs. Rings with tapered sides and multiple side stones are also good choices.


Art Deco Diamond Sapphire Ring

Engagement Ring Styles to Avoid With Large Fingers

Regardless of how large your fingers are or what proportions your hand has, some engagement ring styles just won’t be flattering. Very small, delicate rings typically look lost on large fingers, whether they have thin bands or small carat weights. Avoid these types of rings, or if they are your favorite style, pair
the engagement ring with a matching wedding band or ring wrap for a larger, coordinated set that will flatter your hand size.

The Best Engagement Ring of All

Ultimately, the very best engagement ring style for large fingers is a ring you love, no matter what its style or design. Try on a variety of different ring styles to discover what suits you best. Large fingers give you plenty of room to be creative with more unusual ring designs, and you will soon discover the perfect engagement ring to showcase your personality as well as the relationship the ring symbolizes.

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