1930s Engagement Rings


      Transitioning from Art Deco to Retro designs, there are many great styles to discover from this period. From clean and classic to over-the-top, there’s sure to be a style from our curated collection of 1930s engagement rings that will leave her breathless.

      About 1930s Engagement Rings

      A decade that followed the Roaring Twenties but pre-dated the beginning of World War II, the 1930s proved that beauty and romance will prevail even in history’s most difficult times.

      • Art Deco Influence - Although closely associated with the 1920s, the Art Deco movement was popular well into the 1930s. For this reason, you’ll find plenty of engagement rings from this decade that feature Art Deco inspired designs like geometric shapes, clean lines, and bold accents.
      • Modesty Reigns - The Great Depression caused many people to suffer financially during the 1930s, which is why pieces from this decade often pair smaller gemstones with elaborate metalwork. These rings are the picture of practicality, which will perfectly align with any minimalist aesthetic.
      • Gold & White Gold - The onset of World War II in the late 1930s meant that the use of many natural resources were heavily restricted. Because of this, many engagement rings from this decade feature settings made of gold or white gold rather than platinum, which was the more popular metal during the early Art Deco period.
      • The Rise of the Solitaire - Ornate designs were all the rage during the end of the 1800s and the early 1900s. During the 1930s, however, more and more engagement rings featured a statement-making center stone or a glittering diamond solitaire.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      It doesn’t matter if you opt for an Art Deco inspired design or a style that is a little more subdued. A vintage engagement ring from this period is an undeniably romantic choice. Celebrate the beauty of the past by presenting your beloved with an awe-inspiring vintage style from our collection of 1930s engagement rings.

      323 products

      323 products