1940s Engagement Rings


      The 1940s were a glamorous time when people celebrated the beauty of life despite many wartime hardships. For a beautiful piece of jewelry from one of the most important decades in history, browse our spectacular collection of 1940s engagement rings.

      Defining Features

      Moving away from over-the-top Art Deco opulence of the preceding decades, rings from the 1940s boast designs that are bold, simplistic, and refreshing. While there are a wide range of styles to choose from, here are a few features that defined engagement rings during this period:

      • Emphasis on Metalwork. As a result of the war (World War II), minimalism and practicality were of the utmost importance during this time. Many of the styles you’ll find from this decade feature demure gemstones that allow the ring’s beautiful metalwork to act as the focal point.
      • Diamonds Take Center Stage. In the early 1940s, the De Beers company famously began their “A Diamond is Forever” ad campaign, which made diamonds an integral part of the engagement process. It’s for this reason that many engagement rings you’ll find from this decade feature glittering diamond center stones.
      • Gold & White Gold. Rings crafted during this decade almost always feature gold or white gold settings. This is because of platinum’s scarcity during wartime.
      • Sparkling Synthetic Gemstones. In the 1940s, synthetic stones became widely available to the public and offered the sparkle of a gemstone for a fraction of the cost. Although diamonds were incredibly popular, couples who wanted an engagement ring with a colorful gemstone started to turn to synthetic gemstones to save money.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      Despite World War II raging across the globe, there’s something about this bygone era that is inherently romantic. It doesn’t matter if your beloved has a stylish minimalist aesthetic or just appreciates the beauty of an old fashioned love story. A 1940s engagement ring from our carefully curated collection is always an exquisite option.

      199 products

      199 products