19th Century Engagement Rings


      There is a certain charm that accompanies the idea of the 19th century. Defined by two distinct design eras, antique engagement rings from this period have an unmatched magnificence that truly puts them in a league of their own. Browse our curated collection of 19th century engagement rings to find the perfect design for your significant other.

      Early 19th Century Engagement Rings

      The Georgian Era extended from 1714-1837. Engagement rings from the early 19th century will showcase some of this period’s popular style characteristics. Jewelry from this opulent era often features exquisite metalwork and engraved accents. Diamonds are prevalent along with colored gemstones. Closed-back settings are also a defining trait of pieces from this era.

      Mid- to Late 19th Century Engagement Rings

      During the Victorian Era (1837 - 1901), life became more lavish and ordinary people were more inclined to follow trends set forth by society’s upper class—especially Queen Victoria, whom the period is named after. Advancements in the mining of both gold and precious gemstones made purchasing pieces of fine jewelry and engagement rings much more accessible.

      Design Characteristics

      Although the 19th century spans 100 years, there are certain design characteristics that set engagement rings from this period apart from all others:

      • Magnificent Motifs. Engagement rings from the 1800’s include decadent motifs and intricate metalwork. Feminine florals, butterflies, ribbons, and even animals are often featured.
      • Modest, Unassuming Styles. Even the most opulent rings from the 19th century are not considered over-the-top by today’s standards. They often had both low-profile designs and showcased smaller-sized gemstones.
      • Rich Settings. Deep golden alloys were the most popular when it came to engagement ring settings. Differing metal standards meant that anything from 9-karat gold to 22-karat gold could be used to create jewelry.
      • Colorful, Captivating Gemstones. While diamonds are often featured in 19th century engagement rings, colorful gemstones were very popular as well. Rich rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and emeralds pair beautifully with golden settings.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      If the love of your life is inspired by the elegance of Jane Austen heroines or enamored with the breathtaking beauty of Victorian-era design, she’ll love receiving an exquisite piece of jewelry from this stylish century. You’re sure to find the perfect piece within our curated collection of 19th century engagement rings.

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      110 products