Affordable Engagement Rings


      If you’re looking for affordable engagement rings, vintage jewelry provides exceptional and lasting quality at a fair price. Whether you’re looking for colored gemstones, diamonds, or both, you can find a vintage engagement ring within any budget.

      About Affordable Engagement Rings

      You have several style options for affordable vintage engagement rings. Victorian jewelry is often understated and organic, while Art Deco and Edwardian are more ornate and geometric. Mid-century jewelry has simpler lines, but often uses bigger stones.

      Affordable Engagement Ring Designs

      Diamonds are the most popular, and a timeless, choice for an affordable engagement ring, but they are not the only option. Many couples today are choosing simple solitaire rings, or semi precious gemstone rings, as there are many amazing and gorgeous vintage rings available.

      • Art Deco Rings - Art Deco rings often used multiple small stones for a bigger visual effect, looking far more expensive than it costs.
      • Semi Precious Gemstones - Semi precious rings feature beautiful gemstones including citrines, amethysts, and garnets, which are more affordable than precious stones, but are just as beautiful.
      • Yellow Gold - Victorian engagement rings have a wonderfully romantic appearance, and because Victorian jewelers often used lower-karat metals than contemporary jewelry, it makes for more affordable engagement rings.
      • Victorian Jewelry - For a lushly romantic but still affordable engagement ring, consider pearls or moonstones, popular in Victorian jewelry.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Vintage jewelry is proof that an affordable engagement ring can be just as beautiful as a much more expensive piece. Because vintage engagement rings have lasted for decades and centuries, you know that it will be just as beautiful throughout your love story as it is the day you proposed. Browse our timeless selection of affordable  engagement rings today.

      1247 products

      1247 products