Amethyst Rings


      As the birthstone for February, the rich, stunning purples of amethysts are often associated with romance, love, and devotion, making this gemstone an ideal choice for vintage and antique engagement rings. With shades ranging from lilac to deep purple, these stones offer great variety, and they are also popular in a wide variety of ring designs. Discover our one of a kind collection of amethyst engagement rings. 

      Amethyst Gemstones

      Amethyst is a type of crystalline quartz that has been popular in jewelry throughout the ages. A favorite accent since ancient times, its distinctive, vibrant color has captured the imagination for thousands of years.

      • Color Variance. Like many gemstones, Amethyst can range in color. Stones with a light, translucent shade of lavender look especially beautiful when showcased within silver or platinum. Those with a deep, dark purple hue look exquisite when paired with diamonds or fixed within an ornate, antique setting.
      • A Variety of Styles. Amethyst has been featured in jewelry and rings throughout modern history. The affordability of these precious gemstones also makes it possible to wear a truly statement-making piece featuring a large carat size.
      • A Rich History. This striking gemstone has roots in Greek mythology. It’s said to be named after a beautiful goddess, Amethystos, who spilled wine over a clear gemstone and gave it a distinctive purple color.
      • A Symbol of Protection. Amethyst was a stone that was thought to protect the wearer from harm. Throughout the ages, soldiers carried these precious gemstones into battle to ward off life-threatening injuries.

      Amethyst Engagement Ring Designs

      Large, bold amethysts are often showcased in brilliant Art Deco and Victorian ring designs where the stunning color makes a powerful statement. Other shades are often combined with accent gems such as diamonds, pearls, and emeralds for even more colorful flair and sparkle.

      Because of the uniform crystal structure of amethysts, these stones can have large carat sizes, though smaller amethysts are equally lovely in multi-stone rings. Often set in white gold, this gem is also stunning when mounted in rose gold, which enhances any reddish tones in its purple hue and gives it even more vibrance and distinction.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      It doesn’t matter if your loved one has a February birth date or if violet is her very favorite color. A vintage amethyst ring will set your beloved apart in the best way possible. Unique and perfectly unconventional, explore our collection of amethyst rings today!

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      21 products