Anniversary Bands


      Anniversary bands are a beautiful way to mark a special anniversary. What better choice than a vintage ring that has, just like your marriage, developed even more meaning over time? Most anniversary bands mark a milestone, such as a 5th, 10th, or other noteworthy year, but you don’t have to limit yourself. A vintage anniversary band could mark any year you want to make a special occasion.

      About Anniversary Bands

      What finger should an anniversary band go on? The best finger is the one that’s most comfortable and looks best. If your anniversary band and other rings complement one another and are comfortable to wear together, then you can wear them all on your wedding ring finger. But if you fall in love with a vintage band that doesn’t look right clustered with your other rings, you can wear it on your right hand or another finger on your left hand. You and your taste make the rules!

      Anniversary Band Designs

      Anniversary bands usually include multiple smaller stones, rather than the single big stone featured in traditional wedding and engagement rings. You can pick a design that will blend with your other rings or, for a more dramatic look, pick a contrast. Channel settings are popular for anniversary bands. Because there's no metal visible between the stones, they look like they're floating. Prong settings, the most common type, let the metal and stones complement one another.

      • Stunning Diamonds - Diamond anniversary bands are traditional and complement either diamond or colored gemstone wedding and engagement rings. Usually, vintage wedding bands feature a row of smaller round diamonds, but you can pick a mix of sizes and cuts for some extra flair.
      • Luxurious Metals - Metal anniversary bands are a great option if you want a subtler look that will stack nicely with your engagement and/or wedding ring. You can match the metal of your other rings or add a touch of variety with a complementary metal.
      • Gemstones Galore - Colored gemstone rings add a stunning touch of color to your hand. There are traditional gemstones for each anniversary, such as gold or a golden-colored stone for the first anniversary, garnet for the second, pearls for the third, and so on. However, any stone that has a special meaning for you is a gorgeous choice.

      Find The Perfect Anniversary Band

      Whatever choice you make, an anniversary band is a romantic and heartfelt gift that can become a treasured heirloom. Find the perfect anniversary band from our wide selection of vintage jewelry today.

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      135 products