Antique Engagement Rings


      Choosing an antique engagement ring is like taking a trip back in time to a different place and era. Each ring from our collection is unique and hand curated by experts with over 35 years of experience in the antique jewelry industry.  Revel in our exclusive collection of antique engagement rings for a ring that will surpass the test of time while keeping a smile on her face.

      About Antique Engagement Rings

      Generally, a piece of antique jewelry has to be more than 100 years old to be considered antique, though some jewelers do include rings from the 1920s and 1930s under the antique umbrella, particularly if they are of exceptional quality.

      Antique Jewelry Eras

      Because jewelry must be over 100 years old to be considered a true antique, most antique engagement rings hail from very distinct periods in history, including:

      • The Georgian Era (1714 - 1831) - Engagement rings from this early period often feature organic themes and intricate shapes, such as butterflies, ribbons, and flowers. Diamonds were quite scarce at this time, with colorful gemstones often included instead.
      • The Victorian Era (1837 - 1901) - Engagement rings from the Victorian era are often opulent in design featuring intricate metalwork and colorful gemstones. Feminine, floral motifs often add the perfect finishing touch.
      • The Edwardian Era (1901 - 1910) - Edwardian engagement rings often feature elaborate filigree work and elegant, lace-like patterns. Pearls, diamonds, and other gemstones often accent platinum settings, the metal of choice during this period.
      • The Art Deco Era (1919 - 1929) - Most Art Deco jewelry is currently less than 100 years old. Still, many pieces from this era are widely considered “antique.” Incredibly distinctive and dynamic, engagement rings from this era often feature bold geometric patterns and symmetrical ornamentation.

      Find The Perfect Antique Engagement Ring

      An antique engagement ring is the perfect way to show her that your love story is beautiful, timeless, and rare. Our curated selection of authentic antique rings offers a variety of breathtaking styles, each with a rich and storied past.

      751 products

      751 products