Antique & Vintage Cartier Engagement Rings


      Cartier is one of the most sought after jewelry designers in the world. A small single shop in Paris eventually grew into the infamous fashion house we know today. Known as The King of Jewelers, he transformed engagement rings, jewelry and watches with his bold and unique designs. Find that special vintage engagement ring stamped "Cartier," and feel like you are a member of royalty.

      Defining Traits

      Ethereal and magnificent are two words that aptly describe the iconic Cartier look. Revered by royalty, Cartier is the epitome of perfection, with a unique style all it's own. Cartier's classic Art Deco and "Tutti Frutti" jewelry encompassed bright colors with accents of emeralds, sapphires and diamonds.

      • Historic Jeweler. Cartier purchased his first store in 1847, which he was able to continue throughout the years France was involved in war.
      • Jewelry and Watches. From 1850-1859 Cartier began purchasing higher quality jewelry, watches and silverware which expanded his business.
      • Iconic Store. Cartier moved to their iconic showroom on Rue de la Paix in France in 1899, and made his mark in the infamous fashionable shopping center.
      • Celebrated and Esteemed. Cartier established platinum as its metal of choice in conjunction with the opening of various diamond mines in South Africa during the mid-late 1800's.
      • Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

        Cartier is one of the premiere jewelers century among jewelry collectors today and appeals to women seeking capture that extraordinary piece just cannot be replicated. Discover our magnificent curated collection of unique vintage Cartier Rings, and find your perfect one that will exude your inner beauty.

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      2 products