Antique & Vintage Emerald Engagement Rings

Glittering green emeralds have a striking, sophisticated color and an enthralling appearance. When it comes to fine jewelry, emeralds are one of the most popular colored gemstones. To find an enchanting piece of jewelry that is both colorful and captivating, browse our carefully curated collection of vintage emerald engagement rings.

Why Emerald?

The traditional birthstone of May and the gemstone associated with the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries, emeralds are richly lustrous and feature stunning shades that range from brighter yellow-green to deep, pure green. Some emeralds may even show hints of blue in their mysterious depths. Today, the refined beauty of this precious gemstone remains cherished by women around the world.  

  • Gorgeous Hues. Only gemstones that are a medium or dark green color are classified as “emeralds.” Lighter stones of this variety may be referred to simply as “green beryl.”
  • Mythological Significance. Emeralds are closely associated with the Roman goddess Venus, who symbolized love, passion, femininity, and affection.
  • Healing Properties. In ancient times, it was thought that emeralds possessed healing properties. According to myth, these gemstones were charged by the energy of the Full Moon and could instantly soothe a troubled mind.
  • Contemporary Symbolism. Today, emeralds are a symbol for everlasting loyalty between two lovers. This makes them a popular choice for anyone looking to select an engagement ring with an emblematic center stone.

Emerald Engagement Ring Designs

Popular in Art Deco rings, when bold colors were all the rage, emeralds have remained desirable through different jewelry periods. They are featured not only as strong focal points but also as colorful accents to other gems, including diamonds and pearls.

Emeralds are often set in white gold or platinum to showcase their true color. They may also be set in yellow gold for warmer, softer hues. Because of the crystal structure of emeralds, sharp angles are the most popular cuts to ensure the durability of the stone. The rectangular “emerald” cut is one of the most popular choices. They can also be found as trilliant cut, princess cut, octagon cut, and other angled cuts. Even small emeralds may be precisely shaped to create elegant and surprising accents in a variety of shapes!

Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

If your loved one desires an engagement ring with a colored gemstone, an emerald is a truly timeless option. A favorite gemstone of princesses, celebrities, and iconic women throughout history, your significant other will feel like a true tastemaker every time she shows off her elegant emerald. Explore our bespoke collection of vintage emerald engagement rings to find the perfect ring for her.

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18 products