Antique & Vintage French Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


      The French cut diamond has a unique appearance unlike any other diamond cut today. One of the oldest cut diamonds, this unpretentious diamond exudes sophistication. As a simple square or rectangular shape, this remarkable diamond is noted for its clear lucidity, and cross shape faceting which is visible on the crown.  Reveal your genuine elegance and grace by wearing one of our gorgeous french cut diamond engagement rings.

      Defining Traits

      The French cut diamond is exceptionally pleasing to the eye.  This geometrically shaped stone is adaptable in any jewelry design you desire. Exceptionally popular during the Art Deco era, true antique French cut diamonds are quite hard to find today, making them especially rare.

      • Distinctive Shape. Discovered in the 14th century, the "French Cut" is a square table cut diamond with the pavilion cut to 4 bevel like facets. French cut diamonds did not originate in France, but became very popular there during the Art Deco period.
      • Spectacular Eras. The popularity of French cut diamonds peaked during the Art Deco period (1915-1930's), when bold and geometric designs became popular and were used in engagement rings, wedding bands, and bracelets.
      • Gemstones Abound. Reaching their apex in the beginning of the 20th century,French cut diamonds were specifically popular with royalty jewelers throughout the world, including Great Britain, France and Italy.  A vast amount of engagement rings were created with French cut diamond centers with sapphires and onyx gemstones surrounding.
      • Unassuming Style. French cut diamonds are so versatile, they work exceptionally well with any type of jewelry from lavish rings, to wedding bands and bracelets.
      • Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

        The French cut diamond is undoubtedly one that exudes confidence and pure sophistication.  This stone is perfect to present to your partner who loves to keep things simple, yet wants to display her understated elegance.

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