Antique & Vintage Hexagon Engagement Rings


      There's nothing more classic than a traditional solitaire engagement ring, yet a hexagon shaped engagement ring is definitely worth noting! The geometric lines of the hexagon shape offers a distinct appeal, while giving a modern twist to a vintage feel.   It can be worn as more of a statement piece, or maybe you want a more delicate yet compelling style. Find your perfectly unique hexagon shaped engagement ring within our exclusive collection.

      Defining Traits

      Geometrically crisp and original, a hexagon engagement ring is remarkably astonishing to the eye. Simple round brilliant diamonds and antique rose cut diamonds are often found set within a hexagon shaped mounting giving it a more edgy look.  These settings have the advantage of making the center stone appear larger with a band of metal around the center stone with the hexagon shape surrounding.

      • Unique Design. Hexagon shaped rings can offer a less stated look, yet are nothing short of spectacular. This uniquely shaped ring features intricate millegrain and filigree workmanship making each beautiful ring one of a kind.
      • Romantic Symbolism. In numerology, the hexagon is the number 6 which is known to symbolize union and balance in life.
      • Historic Eras. Hexagonal shaped rings are found as simple solitaires, or more ornate cluster rings from the Victorian, Art Deco and Mid Century eras.
      • Magnificent Metals. Depending on your favorite historical era, you will find hexagonal shape engagement rings in platinum, rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.
      • Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

        There are a variety of reasons you may opt for a hexagonal shaped engagement ring.  Besides it being a more exclusive, and unique setting, the number 6 symbolizes love, harmony, family and unity which makes it an alluring choice. No matter what reason you choose, a hexagon engagement ring is the perfect choice for the woman who wants to flaunt her individuality and subtle refinement.

      22 products

      22 products