Antique & Vintage Square Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


      The elegance of the square cut diamond is unquestionable.  The clean, precise lines of this fancy cut diamond make a classic choice for an engagement ring that says finesse and grace.  The square cut diamond will always be the focal point, whether you yearn for a simple solitaire ring, or a more opulent three stone style. If you are searching for a magnificent piece of vintage jewelry that will enhance her style and sophistication, peruse our collection of antique and vintage square cut engagement rings.

      Defining Traits

      Square cut diamonds offer a larger appearance than other fancy shape diamonds with a unique look all their own. Becoming popular during the 1950's-1960's, they still have well deserved popularity today with their simple sophistication. Here are some exclusive traits of the square cut diamond that separates it from all the others.

      • Exceptional Appearance. Square cut diamonds feature a square shape that boasts a length-to-width ratio of approximately 1.00 mm. Square cut diamonds have large tables as compared to asscher cut diamonds which have small tables.
      • Extraordinary Clarity. Since the square cut diamond has less facets than a round cut diamond or other fancy cuts, the clarity is very important as inclusions and imperfections will be more noticeable.
      • Table Size. If you are in search of a diamond with an impressive table area, then the square cut diamond is the perfect choice for you. Square cut diamonds have a table size of at least 70 % (in some cases 75 %). They have a larger surface area than a round diamond, therefore they appear at least 10 % larger to the naked eye.
      • Better Color Hues.  Due to the large size of this gemstones diamond table, a better color appearance is offered than any of the other fancy shape diamonds, like the pear shape or marquis cut.
      • Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

        If your partner exudes confidence with a classic style, the square cut diamond is the perfect perfect choice for her. With it's uncomplicated design, it will, without doubt, emphasize her pure beauty. You will surely impress her with one of our square cut engagement rings you will find within our curated collection of vintage engagement rings.

      14 products

      14 products