April Birthstone Rings


      Alone or with colored gemstones, a diamond ring is a classic, as a wedding, engagement or anniversary ring. Traditionally, the April birthstone ring is also a diamond ring, though some sources list sapphires as an alternative. Learn more about the April birthstone ring, and find the perfect diamond ring for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated collection.

      About The April Birthstone Ring

      Older vintage diamond rings tend to have larger facets than more contemporary ones. One of the most popular vintage cuts is the old mine cut, which was designed for candlelight, but still looks wonderful in any kind of light. Most of these diamonds were cut by hand, so each stone’s facets will vary slightly, unlike machine-cut stones. If you want an artisanal April birthstone ring, an old mine cut is a lovely option.

      April Birthstone Ring Designs

      Most diamonds come from Canada, Russia, or South Africa, but you can also find diamonds in Arkansas, Brazil, and India. Diamonds form almost 100 miles underground and are made of just one element, carbon.

      • Eco-Friendly Diamonds - By choosing a vintage old mine or old European cut diamond, couples will feel comfortable knowing they are not supporting blood diamonds.
      • Celebrity History - In the 1950s, the advertising firm N.W. Ayers helped popularize diamond jewelry by lending impressive pieces to socialites to wear to the Kentucky Derby and to movie stars to wear on the red carpet. This wasn’t the first product placement, but it was one of the most successful.
      • Out of This World - In 2004, astronomers discovered a planet, 55 Cancri e, made almost entirely out of carbon. About one-third of this planet is made of diamonds.
      • The 4's - The more a couple knows about diamonds, the better prepared they will be to purchase a quality diamond that will last a lifetime. The key to being a savvy diamond buyer is the four Cs of diamond quality: carat, cut, color, and clarity.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      If you’d like to wear an April birthstone ring but have concerns about diamonds and sustainability and about avoiding conflict stones, a vintage diamond ring is a sustainable alternative, as well as a beautiful choice. Find your piece of history with one of our stunning vintage engagement rings today.

      1075 products

      1075 products