Aquamarine Rings


      Soothing and stylish all at once, there’s perhaps nothing more enchanting than an aquamarine ring. As tranquil as the ocean on a clear day, these breathtaking blue stones are beautiful to behold. Browse our curated collection of aquamarine rings to find the ring that perfectly complements your beloved’s unique style.

      Aquamarine Gemstones

      A variation of the beryl family of crystals, Aquamarine is a gorgeous gemstone with a remarkable clarity and an alluring blue color. Although usually a translucent shade of light blue, slight color variations make this stone even more captivating. Some are splashed with green undertones, while others feature a captivating cerulean hue. 

      • Etymology - Aquamarine’s name comes from the Latin “aqua marinus,” which literally translates to “water of the sea.” Because of this, many people associate this beautiful blue stone with tranquility, purification, and rebirth.
      • Historic Meaning - Aquamarine was once known as the “Sailor’s Stone.” This gemstone has been carried by sailors throughout history to protect them from the temperamental ocean and ensure they always arrive safely to shore.
      • Healing Properties - Some cultures believe this stone has healing properties. Followers of Hinduism and Buddhism believe this stone represents the fifth chakra—the chakra of self-expression and communication.
      • Contemporary Use - In contemporary times, this gemstone is the March birthstone. March birthdays are under the zodiac sign Pisces, which also happens to be a water sign.

      Aquamarine Ring Designs

      The light color and stunning clarity of aquamarine makes it a beautiful choice for engagement rings and outstanding jewelry. These stones have a broad hexagonal crystal structure and are often naturally flawless, making them ideal for large, impressive statement pieces and bold rings. This has made aquamarine especially popular in Art Deco styles as well as other antique engagement rings. This lightly colored gem can be even more glittering when paired with diamonds or placed in an intricately detailed setting.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Our one-of-a-kind collection of aquamarine rings spans a range of styles and designs. Each ring has been carefully chosen and inspected to ensure it is of only the finest quality and workmanship. Browse our curated selection of styles to find the perfect ring today.

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      59 products