Art Deco Jewelry


      The Art Deco era ran between 1920-1935, with it's jewelry being prominent for its bold, geometric patterns and complex designs. The use of diamonds together with vivid colors made for an era of glamour and elegance that would prove to be timeless. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and black onyx were some of the distinct gemstones used to create spectacular pieces. Wearing a piece of Art Deco jewelry during this era was comparable to displaying a piece of artwork, as jewelry designers were highly influenced by the artists of that era. Find the perfect piece of Art Deco jewelry for your significant other, or yourself, within our boundless curated collection.

      The Significance of Art Deco Jewelry

      Art Deco jewelry is famed for its well proportioned designs, clear cut lines, and striking colors. This was a radical, yet change from the previous era which consisted of a much softer delicate designs.

      Art Deco Defining Traits

      • Classic Diamonds - Larger rings were introduced using massive center stones, such as asscher cuts, mine cuts or old European cut diamonds often set with accents stones like baguettes for a truly spectacular look.
      • Gleaming Platinum - Platinum, a new strong metal, was used during the Art Deco era showcasing master artisans workmanship at their best showcasing a new light modern look.
      • Master Diamond Cutters - New diamond shapes were introduced, including French cut, kite shape, shield cut, bullet cut and trapezoid cut, which paved the way for new beautifully created Art Deco jewelry and engagement ring designs.
      • Timeless Gemstones - Precious and semi precious gemstones were featured in stunning pieces of jewelry. Onyx and diamonds were used extensively in contrasting pieces with invisibly set gemstones introduced in jewelry.

      Find the Perfect Piece of Art Deco Jewelry

      Art Deco jewelry lasted throughout the 1930s, however, this style saw a resurgence in the late 1960s. This distinctive style of jewelry is embraced for its bold personality, sharp lines and vivid colors.  These exquisite pieces are cherished for their elegance and detailed artistry. If you are searching for a special piece of jewelry which radiates glamour and sophistication along with that vintage appeal, discover our collection of Art Deco jewelry today.

      635 products

      635 products