August Birthstone Rings


      Peridot exudes an enigmatic green glow that is nothing short of extraordinary. While peridot is the main birthstone for August, Spinel and Sardonyx are two attractive alternatives. With this versatility, you’re sure to find an August birthstone ring to suit your tastes, whether you’re drawn to mysterious greens, rich fall hues set off by black or white, or an entire rainbow of gemstones. If you’re looking for a timeless engagement ring, browse our bespoke collection of peridot engagement rings.

      About The August Birthstone Ring

      Before the days of reliable gem testing, spinels and rubies were very difficult to distinguish. The famous Black Prince’s ruby, part of the British crown jewels, is actually a spinel.

      August Birthstone Ring Designs

      Peridot comes in a range of greens, while spinel comes in nearly every color, including red, blue, green, orange, and purple. In the past, it was frequently confused with sapphires and rubies, because of the color and because at 8 on the Moh's scale, it’s almost as hard as sapphires and rubies, which are 9.

      • Anniversary Symbolism - Peridot is the traditional for the 16th anniversary rings, as well as August birthstone rings.
      • Famous Mine - San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona produces the majority of peridot today.
      • Volcanic Activity - Peridot is primarily formed from volcanic activity, but some meteorites have small peridots. In Hawaii, there’s an entire beach whose sand is made of peridot.
      • Popular Rings - Sardonyx was a popular stone for signet rings, since wax doesn’t stick to this stone.

      Find The Perfect Peridot Engagement Ring

      Perfect for proposals or commemorating a milestone anniversary, the exquisite pieces offered here are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Whichever gemstone you prefer, we have a variety of beautiful August birthstone rings. Browse our timeless selection or talk to one of our associates today to find the perfect vintage peridot ring.

      8 products

      8 products