Baguette Diamond Ring


      Rectangular in shape, the baguette cut is a step cut diamond which provides remarkable elegance and clarity. Art Deco era rings presented bold and sharp geometric shapes, where the clean lines of the baguette diamond conformed perfectly.  These vintage diamonds were, and still are, often used as accents stones to highlight any center diamond or gemstone.  Enjoy discovering our captivating collection of antique baguette diamond engagement rings.

      Baguette Diamond Ring Design

      The baguette diamond, with its long narrow cut, can be straight or tapered, depending on what type of engagement ring you desire. Whenever baguette diamonds are chosen, it creates a design of understated elegance that will stand the test of time.

      • Accent Diamond - Baguette cut diamonds are a classic rectangular step cut diamond consisting of 14 facets.
      • Historic eras - Baguettes are the perfect accent diamond originating from different eras in history, including the Art Deco, Fabulous 50's thru the Mid-Century, and continues it's popularity today.
      • Exceptional Appearance - The classic three stone ring, various wedding bands and the 1970's cocktail ring are all synonymous with baguette diamonds.
      • Timeless Jewelry - Vintage earrings and Art Deco bracelets are examples of some of the timeless jewelry where baguettes have been prevalent.

      Find The Perfect Baguette Diamond Ring

      Baguette diamonds have been the elegant, quintessential choice for engagement rings since the days of Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, and continue today. The way these accent diamonds frame the center stone adds a graceful, minimalistic radiance to your already cherished ring. The rings you’ll find within our curated collection of baguette rings will surely impress.

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      50 products