Bezel Engagement Rings


      The "bezel" setting is a beautiful way to honor the history of your antique engagement ring, yet still give it a modern feel. Having a diamond bezel set is an optimal way to showcase your diamond securely, yet beautifully, with a glimmering band of metal encompassing the diamond. The metal band surrounds the stone, and gives a smooth, elegant appearance while highlighting the glittering center diamond. For a ring that is sure to dazzle, peruse our rare collection of bezel engagement rings for one that is sure to keep a smile on your face.

      Bezel Engagement Ring Designs

      Bezel set diamonds have an elegant look, yet offer complete security of your diamond or gemstone. Whether you are searching for a simple solitaire, a romantic Victorian ring, or an alluring Art Deco ring, we are confident you will find the perfect bezel set diamond ring that you will cherish forever.

      • Exceptionally Secure - Bezel rings secure your diamond by encircling the circumference of a diamond, while adding security and safety without prongs.
      • Vintage Styles - Bezel set rings from the 1960's were accompanied by curved wedding bands, while Art Deco bezel set rings have a classic sophistication with milgrain detail engravings on the edges or filigree bead engravings on the side.
      • Diamond Shapes Abound - Marquis and cushion cut diamonds were showcased during the Art Deco era within beautiful rings surrounded by sapphire or ruby gemstones.
      • Metals and Minimalism - Different metals were featured during the 1940s-1950's, including rose gold and platinum, with mine cut, cushion cut and European cut diamonds in a classic less stated style.

      Find the Perfect Bezel Engagement Ring

      Having a bezel set engagement ring allows you to proudly wear your piece of history while intertwining a contemporary feel. You can have inward piece of mind that your diamond, or gemstone, is securely set while on the outside your glittering ring will surely impress anyone's eye.

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      70 products