Birthstone Rings For Women


      Whether you believe that birthstone rings bring good luck, or just love the look of your particular gemstone, birthstone rings for women are timeless. Of course, if your favorite gemstone doesn’t happen to be your birthstone, you can always declare it your honorary birthstone! Learn more about birthstones, and find the perfect birthstone ring for your loved one in our carefully curated collection.

      About Birthstone Rings For Women

      Each birthstone comes with its own symbolism and lore. Every month has one or more gemstones associated with it, and these birthstones can be beautifully symbolic for dates within that month. Some reflect the month’s season, with emerald a vivid reminder of the fresh growth of spring, and topaz and citrine suggesting the warm hues of fall.

      Birthstone Rings for Women Designs

      The Georgians and Victorians used gemstone initials to spell out messages. Diamond Emerald Amethyst Ruby Emerald Sapphire Topaz, for example, spells “dearest.” These rings are called “regard” rings for one of the most popular designs, Ruby Emerald Garnet Amethyst Diamond.

      • Stunning Gemstones - Sapphire, spinel, and tourmaline come in a wide range of hues, so whatever your favorite, you can find one of these stones in that color.
      • Multi Color - Opal, however, is the only birthstone that’s itself multicolored. Their play of colors can be almost hypnotic.
      • Organic Birthstones - Pearls are the only organic birthstone. Because of rising levels of water pollution, vintage pearl jewelry can be of much higher quality than modern pearls of the same size.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Because birthstone rings have been so popular throughout history, there’s a wide choice of birthstone rings for women available today. If you’re looking for an gemstone ring with a sense of vintage charm, explore our collection of birthstone rings for women today.

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      289 products