Citrine Rings


      Discover our one of a kind collection of vintage citrine rings. This yellow-orange precious gemstone can be used to produce rings that are incredibly warm, rich, and unique. Browse our carefully curated selection today to find a truly breathtaking piece.

      What Is Citrine?

      Citrine is a stunning quartz variation with a brilliant yellow tone ranging from light, golden yellow to a deeper, rich brownish-red. These stones have exceptional natural clarity and are able to be cut in large carat sizes, which made them especially popular for Art Deco rings and other bold designs.

      • Color Variations. Light yellow citrine is a gorgeous and affordable alternative to lavish canary diamonds. Darker citrine, which features a translucent amber hue, is a sophisticated and surprising choice when it comes to fine jewelry.
      • An Emblem of Prosperity. Citrine was once known as “The Merchant’s Stone.” It was said to bring wealth and prosperity to all who wore it.
      • Heat Treatment. When subjected to extremely high temperatures, purple amethyst quartz transforms into yellow-orange citrine quartz.
      • Contemporary Symbolism. Citrine is still a popular gemstone and is often associated with purity, prosperity, creativity, and imagination. It is also the birthstone of November and is commonly used to commemorate thirteenth wedding anniversaries.

      Gorgeous Citrine Designs

      Citrine is durable, inexpensive, and enchanting. Its modest price point means that even engagement rings with impressive, multi-carat citrine stones are surprisingly affordable. These honey-colored gems pair especially well with yellow gold, while platinum or white gold settings can provide a beautiful contrast against the stone’s golden undertones.

      Citrine is often found in vintage engagement rings and may be accented with diamonds or pearls for a refined touch. Though natural citrine is quite rare, smoky quartz or purple amethyst can both be heat treated to create beautiful yellow citrine tones for an enhanced stone. Treated stones typically have darker hues than lighter, natural citrines, but both are amazing gems with stunning colors that give your jewelry a happy, sunny vibe.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Perfect for proposals or commemorating a milestone anniversary, the exquisite pieces offered here are unlike anything you’ve seen before. If you’re looking for a citrine ring, shop our collection today!

      20 products

      20 products