Cluster Engagement Rings


      A cluster engagement ring is the perfect choice when you want to wear a symbol of your lifetime commitment to your significant other.  The cluster is a representation of your devotion to each other to face the future together in harmony. Consider one of our extraordinary cluster rings to add some captivating glamour to her already unique style.

      Although there are many variations of the cluster ring, the traditional style resembles a flower featuring a larger center diamond with smaller diamonds set around it, creating a halo.  During the 1920's the style progressed and jewelers became more creative designing clusters with oval, pearl, and round shape settings. This type of ring is so versatile since you can merge different colors and shapes, it allows you to flaunt your own personal style with no apologies.

      • Vintage Cluster Engagement Ring Designs

        Historic Eras - Cluster rings originated in the Georgian era, and their popularity continued throughout the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco era, while seeing a resurgence during the 1970's.
      • Timeless Designs - Cluster rings feature European and mine cut diamonds surrounding a larger center diamond causing it to resemble a flower with petals and allows for a larger appearance on her finger.
      • Gemstones Abound - Mine cut diamonds were the preferred center gemstone for engagement rings during the Victorian era, although rose cut diamonds, sapphires, and rubies were also used which gave it versatility.
      • Magnificent Metals - While the Victorian era used rose and yellow gold,  the Art Deco era utilized platinum. Each of these metals exhibit their own characteristic traits with the shining gleam of platinum, or the warmth of rose gold.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      Vintage cluster rings have a graceful allure that will bring a classic elegance to your relationship. Browse our vast collection and find the cluster ring that will hold the symbol of commitment close to her heart.

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      7 products