Cocktail Rings


      Cocktail rings are truly one of a kind treasures that were created by master jewelers decades ago (in some instances hundreds of years ago). You can discern an estate dinner, or vintage cocktail ring, by noticing its large size containing a center diamond, usually with smaller diamonds, or gemstones, surrounding. These gorgeous rings were worn to attract attention, show wealth, and exude glamour.

      The Significance of Cocktail Rings

      Cocktail rings roared into fashion during the 1920s, when they became the must-have accessory for the new styles of bobbed hair, miniskirts, long strands of pearls, and other flapper styles. They were meant to dazzle then, catching the light with every gesture, whether the wearer was drinking, eating, or dancing one of the new dance crazes. On your hand, they’ll still dazzle.

      Cocktail Ring Designs

      Cocktail rings and dinner rings are still prevalent today, as many women love to show off their piece of history at parties, weddings, or even just a night out for dinner.

      • Art Deco Era - The name “cocktail ring” comes from the Art Deco period. Cocktail rings became the fashionable accessory to wear to a cocktail party or dinner party.
      • Historic Accessory - Vintage cocktail rings are the perfect accessory to a flapper or flapper-inspired outfit. “Flapper ring” was even one of the nicknames for cocktail rings.
      • Vintage Rings - Vintage cocktail rings often make an appearance during red carpet ceremonies, either as part of a vintage or throwback outfit, or as a timeless accent. Cocktail rings lost some of their popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, but came roaring back during the 1980s. As statement rings, they’ve stayed fashionable since.
      • Bold Statements - During Prohibition, wearing a cocktail ring was a rebellious statement, because of the association with alcohol. Now, a vintage cocktail ring is just a bold fashion statement.

      Find The Perfect Cocktail Ring

      No matter what type of stone or metal you desire, you are sure to find the perfect one for you from our unique selection of cocktail rings. Regardless of the price, each and every one of our cocktail rings have their own story to tell, with your story waiting to be told next. Find your bold piece of statement jewelry today!

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      119 products