Conflict Free Engagement Rings


      Many consumers are searching for that perfect diamond, or diamond engagement ring, and want it to be conflict free. Unfortunately the beloved diamond can be controversial if it is not. Conflict free diamonds that have been mined without any association with any type of insurgence, or civil war. Even though there is the procedure known as The Kimberley Process in place to guarantee that diamonds are sourced and upheld to ethical practices, you can really only be assured a diamond is conflict free if it is a vintage or antique gemstone. Antique diamonds were sourced long before any modern conflicts arose. Feel confident knowing you are wearing an ethically sourced diamond engagement ring by choosing one of ours from our vast collection.

      Defining Traits

      Couples today like the idea of purchasing an antique diamond ring, as they are guaranteed it is conflict free and appreciate their money is being well spent. As diamonds traditionally symbolize love and romance, what better way to express that then by wearing a diamond you are assured has had no affiliation to dangerous relations.

      • Diamond Symbolism - Diamonds symbolize love, romance and commitment, yet we must track rough diamonds from their mines to the marketplace to ensure the funding of each stone is not used for unlawful uprisings.
      • Kimberley Process - Kimberley Process Certification Scheme in 2003. This process follows diamonds from their mines to the market. The Kimberley Process certification thoroughly traces diamonds back to their origins, and they can then be considered conflict-free with regard to organized rebellions.
      • Gemstone History - A new, or newly manufactured, diamond ring with accent gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires, may have a certified conflict-free diamond, however beware the accompanying gemstones could have a tainted history.
      • Ethical Purchase - Because it is so difficult to ensure that any modern diamonds or gemstones are absolutely conflict-free, many conscientious buyers are turning to antique rings and vintage gemstones. This ensures your ring will truly have ethical and conflict-free origins.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      Since we do not source any new or modern gemstones, and only purchase from estates dated before the 1970s, you can be assured our vintage engagement rings are absolutely ethical and conflict-free. Feel confident knowing you are wearing a beautiful, unique antique ring with a diamond you can feel good about.

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      153 products