Cushion Cut Diamond Ring


      Cushion cut diamond rings have been rising in popularity year after year. Learn more about these gorgeous diamonds and browse our breathtaking collection of vintage cushion cut engagement rings.  

      Why Cushion Cut Diamond?

      Although they have become very popular among modern consumers, cushion cut diamonds are still unique enough to make a statement. The following features make cushion cut diamond engagement rings simply exceptional:

      • Past Meets Present - Cushion cut diamonds feature the same 58 facet pattern used in old mine cut diamonds. The cushion cut is made with modern manufacturing processes but still references the traditions of the past.
      • Carefully Rounded Corners - These cuts earned their name thanks to their distinctive square shape and rounded corners, which make them resemble a plush cushion or pillow. Rounded edges also increase durability, an ideal characteristic for any gemstone used in engagement rings.
      • Inner Fire - Standard cushion cut diamonds feature facets that are carefully angled to brilliantly reflect colored light. This maximizes each diamond’s inner fire.
      • Elegant & Affordable - Perhaps the most compelling feature of this cut is its affordability. Although they cost less than round cut diamonds, their increased surface area makes them incredibly statement-making.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      If your beloved is a modern beauty with an old soul, this dynamic diamond cut is sure to speak to her multi-faceted personality. After all, cushion cuts prove that antique elegance still has a place within the contemporary design. To find a gorgeous ring with undeniable inner fire, browse our collection of cushion cut diamond rings today.

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      13 products