Diamond Engagement Rings


      A diamond is synonymous with an engagement ring and unveiling the ring is part of almost every proposal. But with so many styles, price points, and other options, how do you choose? Whether you’re looking for a vintage ring or a newer style, our guide to diamond engagement rings gives you the background you'll need to make the perfect choice. Learn more about diamond engagement rings and find the perfect vintage ring for your loved one in our extensive yet carefully curated collection.

      About Diamond Engagement Rings

      Diamond engagement rings have been around since the Renaissance, but became the standard for engagement rings during the 20th century. A solitaire is a classic, but there are many more styles to choose from, based on your taste and preferences.

      Diamond Engagement Ring Designs

      While the four Cs of a diamond engagement ring are cut, color, clarity, and carat, the most important factor is what you find beautiful.

      • Toi et Moi - Two stones side by side in a diamond engagement ring are called “toi et moi,” French for “you and me.” This is a popular new style that shows no signs of going out of favor.
      • Magnificent Styles - Eternity-style rings feature stones set all around the ring, or across the top half of the ring that is visible while wearing it, the half-eternity style. A solitaire ring accentuates the center diamond, while emphasizing the grace and sophistication of her style.
      • Colored Gemstones - Many diamond engagement rings will feature accent colored gemstones. Her birthstone or favorite color can add a personal touch.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Choosing a diamond engagement ring can be nerve-wracking. Browse our selection of diamond engagement rings to find the ring of her dreams, or talk to one of our experts. Suzanne will help you understand your options and pick the right vintage ring for the unforgettable proposal that will start this new phase of your life . If you’re looking for a diamond ring with a sense of glamour, and vintage charm, explore our collection of diamond engagement rings today.

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      167 products