Diamond Rings


      Diamond rings are beautiful pieces that suit every hand shape and skin tone. Diamonds go well with nearly any fashion preferences and are suitable for nearly any occasion. A vintage diamond ring comes in a wide range of styles, so you can find one to suit any taste. If you like the minimalist aesthetic, you can choose a dainty solitaire ring or band, while if you prefer a statement ring, there are women’s diamond rings that will stand out immediately, like clusters. Learn more about diamond rings, and find the perfect vintage ring for your loved one in our carefully curated collection.

      The Significance of Diamond Rings

      The classic diamond engagement ring is often the first type of diamond ring a woman may own. The traditional colorless diamond is the most popular choice for women’s diamond ring, but you have other options. Vintage diamonds are a gorgeous option, and salt and pepper diamonds are very popular because each stone has unique markings Vintage diamond rings have a luxurious style and are rich in history and symbolism are always ethical and conflict free.

      Vintage Engagement Ring Designs

      If your style embraces a simple vintage solitaire ring, or you dare to unleash your spirited side with a more extravagant colorful ring from your favorite era, there is no better expression of your elegance and sophistication than a vintage engagement ring chosen especially for you.

      • Tradition - Diamond rings are traditional for engagements and weddings, but they also make wonderful anniversary, birthday, or any occasion gifts.
      • Beautiful Accents - Diamond rings, especially white diamond rings, can be accented with nearly any other gemstone, either a birthstone or a favorite color.r.
      • Spectacular Settings - A single large diamond may cost more than multiple smaller diamonds that make up the same carat weight. Cluster and halo settings can give you the look of a much larger stone at a more affordable price.
      • Personal Style - When thinking about the right setting for a diamond ring, consider hand size and shape, skin tone, other jewelry, and personal style.

      Find The Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring

      Diamond rings are a perfect choice for any occasion and will be heirlooms through the generations. We offer a wide variety of diamonds, gemstones and settings, from different era's and delicate to bold. Browse our vintage diamond ring selections today, or talk to an expert for personal advice on making the ideal choice.

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      159 products