Emerald Cut Engagement Rings


      Emerald cut diamonds have an air of refinement that is simply undeniable. Their long lines and timeless sense of style are the essence of class and sophistication. From statement-making solitaires to regal three-stone styles, emerald cut diamonds always take center stage no matter the setting. If you’re looking for a breathtaking piece of jewelry that will forever complement her classic beauty, browse our collection of emerald cut engagement rings. 

      Defining Traits

      While you’ll find most emeralds boast this exquisite shape, only 5% of the world’s diamonds feature an emerald cut. This makes them incredibly rare and endlessly impressive. Here are a few distinctive characteristics that set emerald cut diamonds apart from the rest:

      • Noteworthy Appearance. Emerald cut gemstones feature a rectangular shape that boasts a length-to-width ratio of approximately 1.5. Look inside, and you’ll find straight, linear facets as well as chiseled step cuts.  
      • Cropped Corners. These rectangular stones rarely feature pointed corners. Instead, each of the four corners is cropped to prevent the diamond from fracturing. 
      • Incredible Clarity. The clarity of an emerald cut diamond is of the utmost importance. Because of their unique cut, inclusions and blemishes will be far more noticeable than in a round or oval cut stones. 
      • Larger Surface Area. If you’re looking for a gemstone that boasts an impressive surface area, you’re in luck. Emerald cut diamonds have a larger surface area than round cut diamonds and will appear at least 5% larger to the naked eye. 

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      If your beloved is the picture of poise and refinement, emerald cut diamonds will perfectly align with her unique aesthetic. The rings you’ll find within our curated collection of emerald cut engagement rings are sure to wow her. 

      29 products

      29 products