Estate Engagement Rings


      An estate engagement ring is one that has been previously owned by at least one other person. If you are searching for a unique ring you wont find on anyone else, with a history all it's own, this type of engagement ring is the perfect option for you. There is no time limit on estate rings, or jewelry, as they come from every era in history, displaying every type of diamond or gemstone imaginable. Peruse our exceptional selection and surrender to your desire for that estate engagement ring that encompasses a piece of history that can be described as none other than priceless.

      About Estate Engagement Rings

      Estate engagement rings make the perfect choice for the bride who wants to wear an exceptional piece of history, while showing her individuality. When searching for an estate ring you can find any style you desire, a simple solitaire with filigree work, or something more colorful and ornate. Some of these extraordinary rings even have an inscription, or engraving, of initials or an important date from the previous owners.

      • Eco Friendly - Couples that begin their journey with an older ring can feel good knowing that they are wearing eco-friendly metals with an ethical history.
      • Conflict free - Estate engagement rings feature vintage diamonds and precious/semi precious gemstones which predate the 1970's and therefore are conflict free.
      • Rare Gemstones - Estate rings from different eras feature precious gemstones such as Kashmir sapphires and Burma rubies showcasing their flashy colors with timeless designs that can not be found today.
      • Magnificent Jewelers - The exceptional workmanship of artisans during the Victorian, Art Deco and Retro eras will never feature identical designs and cannot be replicated today.

      Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

      An estate ring is the quintessential choice if you are looking for a ring that embodies a love, and history, that predates yours, but you can build upon. Each one of these treasures holds a story all their own, and is waiting to embrace yours.

      72 products

      72 products