February Birthstone Rings


      Amethysts are one of the most popular stones in history, thanks to their gorgeous purple colors and wide availability. You can find these February birthstone rings in every possible vintage style, for a special wedding or engagement ring, anniversary present, or some other occasion.

      About The February Birthstone Ring

      The most valuable amethysts are a deep purple with flashes of red and blue, but you can find them in any shade of purple, from lilac to a purple so deep it looks black in some lights. Victorian jewelers often set amethysts with pearls, since the white and purple complement one another beautifully. Diamonds and amethysts are another popular combination, especially with darker purples.

      February Birthstone Ring Designs

      You can find amethysts on every continent. Until the source was depleted, some of the most beautiful amethysts came from Siberia, and these were one of Catherine the Great’s favorite stones. Today, most amethysts come from Africa, India, and South America.

      • Victorian Era - Victorian era jewelry featuring peridots or emeralds, pearls, and amethysts sometimes carried a subtle message. The names of the colors – green, white, and violet – also stood for “Give Women the Vote.” Not all jewelry with this color scheme was designed as suffragette jewelry (as it was called then), but many pieces were.
      • Anniversary Celebrations - Amethyst is traditional for the 6th and 17th anniversary rings, as well as February birthstone rings.
      • Semi-Precious Gemstones - Amethyst's are a form of quartz, so are in the same family as citrine, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, agate, and rock crystal.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Whatever your favorite era of jewelry design, let us help you find the perfect February birthstone ring. Browse our selection of amethyst rings or talk with one of our experts today.

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      25 products