Filigree Engagement Rings


      Filigree engagement rings are delicate and intricate and their fine artistry makes a unique statement. Filigree is an ancient art that uses very thin pieces of metal to create shapes, the same way that quilling uses pieces of paper. The term comes from the Latin word for “thread” because the metal is so light and airy. A filigree engagement ring refers to either filigree itself or designs inspired by filigree. Browse our elegant collection of filigree engagement rings spanning all jewelry eras and styles.

      The Significance of Filigree Engagement Rings

      Filigree is one of the oldest forms of metalwork. The earliest filigree jewelry dates from approximately 3000 BCE. It was very popular in the ancient Middle East and spread through Europe and Asia. Today, Scandinavian, Eastern European, Maltese, and Indian filigree work, especially, are famous for their beauty and artistry.

      Vintage Engagement Ring Designs

      Traditional filigree engagement rings did not use stones or used them just as highlights, but modern variations often include stones..

      • Antique Rings - Antique filigree rings did not use gemstones or used them just as highlights, but modern variations often include stones.
      • Vintage Eras - Filigree inspired many Edwardian period jewelry designs and gives contemporary filigree engagement rings a vintage tone..
      • Significant Diamonds - Diamonds are the most common stones for filigree engagement rings. Some rings use older cut styles to enhance the vintage style.

      Find The Perfect Filigree Engagement Ring

      Filigree engagement rings are historic and timeless, and the fine details will always delight your eyes. Our vintage collection features many different styles to chose from. Make your own history by finding the perfect vintage ring to symbolize your happily ever after.

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      97 products