Flat Engagement Rings


      Flat engagement rings, also called low profile engagement rings, are ideal for those work with their hands. The stones are set much lower than the typical prong setting, level or close to level with the rest of the ring, so the stones do not stick out the way they do with other settings. This makes it easier to take gloves on and off and avoid snagging the ring on anything else.

      The Significance of Flat Engagement Rings

      Flat engagement rings are also ideal for a more understated style, even for people who don’t work with their hands or regularly put on gloves. They can be just as ornate as traditional high settings, but because they don’t stand out from the hand as much, are a more subtle look. Browse our rare collection of unique flat or low profile engagement rings spanning all vintage jewelry eras and styles.

      Flat Engagement Ring Designs

      Contemporary flat engagement rings are inspired by the often flatter profiles of Edwardian-period jewelry. These rings can be beautifully ornate.

      • Semi-Precious Gemstones - Cabochon stones (stones cut with a flat surface rather than a faceted one) are a beautiful choice for flat engagement rings. Turquoise, opals, and moonstones are usually cabochon cut.
      • Vintage Popularity - Flat engagement rings are popular among nurses, athletes, and other women who work with their hands or lead an active lifestyle.
      • Extreme Protection - Low profile rings and flat engagement ring styles can also protect more fragile stones.

      Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

      Whether you want a showy or a subtle flat engagement ring, we have the ideal engagement ring for every taste and lifestyle. Make your own history by finding the perfect vintage ring to symbolize your happily ever after.

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      47 products